You can take a Kolkattan away from Kolkata, you cannot take away Kolkata from a Kolkattan. No matter which part of the globe you are in, you shall be having a slice of Kolkata in your heart. And a big part of that slice of Kolkata, is the Food of the City of Joy.

Like most Kolkattans I am passionate about the Food of Kolkata. So when I recently came across a hideous Food Show episode featuring Peter Cat, I knew I had to write of our last outing there, just to purge myself of what I had just seen. This Show is quite popular from what I saw on Facebook and other social media and is telecast on one of the leading Indian News Channels(where I had also worked for a considerable amount of time). My issue is with the hosts and their disgusting scripts. It gave me the impression as if I was watching a JATRA featuring ROCKY and MAYUR.

Coming back to PETER CAT. Its one of those Holy Grail Kolkata restaurants, which everyone heads to, and everyone has their repertoire of memories. We have ours.

For the uninitiated PETER CAT, is one of the iconic restaurants on Park Street in Central Kolkata. Yes, Park Street, the street which is always abuzz. The Street where you can literally do an entire Food Walk on . The Street which nonchalantly balances memories of the Colonial Raj along with being the first Street to have WIFI all across. The Street where I went to College to. Memories to brighten up any dull Midwestern Monday afternoon.

Enough of introductions, lets get down to how our dinner date went off.

We had a one year old in tow, in the sticky summer of Kolkata. And this was the first overseas trip for the first time parents. So the first thing we asked for, was a High Chair. We were greeted with a broad smile and a customary shaking of the head,which is so very Bengali. No, they do not have High Chairs. No one asks for it,they added in. We asked for a seat with a couch on one side at least. We were seated on the Upper Level.

We knew we wanted to dig into Chello Kebabs rightaway. But we also wanted to make the most of the outing. Its not every day that we are in Kolkata, leave alone be in Peter Cat. So we started off with Bloody Mary and Chicken Irani Kebab.

We are suckers for Kebab !!! Isn't everyone !!!

The Kebabs were very well cooked. They had an aroma of Fennel which was really unique. Chicken and Fennel as a combo is not something I had come across quite often. Some Kashmiri dishes use Fennel,but for me, it was a first in Kebabs.

As much as we were impressed with the Kebabs, the Bloody Marys were a total dampener. We love our Cocktails and we know our Cocktails very well. So we know very well, when we are being taken for a ride. It hardly had a drop of alcohol in it,and it seemed we had just ordered for some Tomato Juice. We asked for our server and expressed our concerns. He apologized and offered to make them better. By that time, we had both almost finished our glasses. So we ordered for another round, just to see, if they make anything better. But to no avail. The Bar Tender had surely run out of his liquor supply while serving us, I guess. Not something you expect from what is also a popular watering hole.

The Man asked for a serving of Prawn Cocktail.

The Prawn Cocktail in all its creamy goodness was so good, that we forgot to take a picture of it,till we were almost done with it.

Finally it was time for the Piece de Resistance. CHELLO KEBABS for both of us. Yes, fully loaded, with all the frills attached. I had no clue that they had two versions of it,but who is looking at calories,when one is ordering Chello Kebabs for dinner.

I kept complaining to the man that maybe we should not have ordered for appetizers, as what if we could not complete our plates.

Then it was brought to our tables in all its glory. Chello Kebabs for Mrs and Mr Dasgupta. All that traveling across thecontinents and oceans suddenly seemed worthwhile when we feasted our eyes on the plates.

But yes, we were skeptical. What If?!

Are you still wondering what is the Chello Kebab?! Well, its this Goodness on a  plate which was created in Peter Cat. So anyone and everyone who comes to Peter Cat from any corner of the world, has surely ordered it, at least once, or if not on every visit.

Tender Succulent Chicken Kebab grilled with red onion and green bell pepper. Two Mutton Seeekh Kebabs. Steamed basmati rice served with a dollop of butter and topped with a poached egg. Finished off with half a grilled roma Tomato and some cucumber salad . Heaven on a plate. The Kebabs are super juicy and tender. The play of textures, spices,the aroma , the smokiness of the tandoor ,creates the greatest symphony on the taste buds.

By the time we had taken the first few bites of our Chello Kebabs, we had completely forgotten of all our issues with the non existent high chair and the alcohol free Bloody Mary.

Thank God for it.

At least I know in my next trip to India, I will surely plan another dinner to Peter Cat. The Toddler had her Gerber Baby Food Puree while dinning with us, on that visit. Maybe next time, we can introduce her to the magic of Chello Kebabs.

Its surely on the cards. Maybe next time we will even take a touristy picture with the facade of the iconic restaurant. Am glad some good things didn't change in my hometown.

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