Looking ahead to all those fun Summer days! So had to feature some new shorts and graphic prints from Express , for my monthly Outfit round up! Love me some monochromes, all year round, but especially when the weather gets warmer. When I saw this black and white print, I knew this would be a good fit for my closet. Paired the outfit with some white boots and a straw bag. The smocked details of the top are really cute. I can pair this top also with some some jeans and sandals. Or some skinny jeans and a. blazer. Cant wait to style this top many ways, very soon. 

I can tell you that I have my own insecurities when it comes to my body-image. And my thighs feature high on that list! I am sometimes second-guessing about shorts and my thighs! Then I have to remind myself that my body is ready for Summer, and I don’t have to be a certain size to be able to enjoy the outdoors or certain outfits. If you are also struggling with body-image, then you are not alone! Many of us are on the same boat. And we need to win that struggle and enjoy Summer! We got each other ladies! 




Fashion with Purpose - the most beautiful rendition of this message is Tirza Design at Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City! Owner Nikki Affolter created a brand where every purchase empowers survivors of humans trafficking, abuse and other forms of exploitation. For a sociology masters and marketing masters like me, it was a moment when you had goosebumps! I mean, when in a classroom, you might have a vision of what could be done when you learn about human trafficking - Nikki has brought that vision to life, which many of us might have only read of in textbooks! 

 I had the privilege of attending the soft-opening of Tirza Design , at the former Kate Spade location of Country Club Plaza . They feature fair trade suppliers, eco-friendly packaging, and the highest quality gold-filled/sterling silver findings made in America. 

Not only is the mission and the message beautiful, but I can assure you that every piece on the floor is so beautiful. From hand-made jewelry, to candles, to home decor pieces, Tirza Design should be on your itinerary not just this weekend, but whenever you need to shop for gifts! And you can't miss the overall attention to detail and aesthetics! 

YOU are empowered by investing in a REAL fashion statement that has action and meaningful jobs behind the brand. Survivors, of trafficking, abuse an exploitation are empowered through community, education and employment. 

Thanks KES Studio for the invite! 




What’s better than patio time, is patio time with the family, over some amazing barbecue from Blindbox BBQ. I have been a longtime fan, I must say that. Did you know that May is Barbecue Month, and what better way to celebrate than trying out some KCQue at Blindbox BBQ! 

Not only do they have amazing barbecue and great cocktails, their Mac and cheese is the best in the world. And not just that, they have some great sandwiches and salads if that’s more your jam. They also have a great kids' menu which seems to be a big hit with picky eater. 

Some of our favorites in BBQ include the Burnt Ends, the new Loaded Mac and Cheese with Brisket, the BBQ wontons and their BBQ chips. 

Some of our favorite cocktails include Cucumber Basiltini, Shawnee Smash and Blackberry Bramble(all three pictured in this post). 

Blindbox BBQ is open at two locations - Shawnee, featuring this fabulous (and dog-friendly) patio and inside Nebraska Furniture Mart ! Also the second location has a great happy hour and a coffee shop! I can tell you from experience, no matter which of the two locations you choose, you will have a good time over some good old KC BBQ! 




Its time for another recap from Kansas City Fashion Week Spring - Summer'22, from the Union Station,in Kansas City! It was my last night of coverage for the season, and you know I was excited. Thursday night runway shows were in honor of Ukraine. We had a few designers, Natalya Mayer of Lucia's Sarto and Olha Potapenko and Tatiana Yanchenko who used their designs on the runway to raise a voice against the war raging in Ukraine. My outfit was an ode to Ukraine, as well!

The evening began with the most mesmerizing performance by Quixotic! If you
yet haven't seen any of their performances, I would look for their next show, and book myself a ticket. 

The first showcase of the designer was Kindred, which is a local boutique collective. They have locations in Oak Park Mall and on the Country Club Plaza. They got us ready with the freshest of fits for Spring in Kansas City! Loved all the fun colors! 

The second designer of the evening was MacKenzie Greckel's Cicada Camp Company! She was one of the designers who previewed their collection at the media night of KCFW. She had mentioned about how sustainanbility features high on her design aesthetic. Her current collection was inspired by her time spent at Summer camps! The materials which made their way onto the runway for collection, had all been up cycled or were sourced from sustainable sources. And she had ABBA playing, need I saw more! Love ABBA, if bud dint know that already. 

The third designer of the evening was David Minh Moore's Maison Minh, who had also previewed his collection at the KCFW Media Night! He had mentioned about the juxtaposition of light and dark not only in oursleves, but also being a prevalent motif in his current collection. Loved the attention to detail, as his elegant cocktail dresses and gowns made their way to the runway. Definitely a great way to debut in KCFW. 

Jenn A Robbins was all about Drapes and Drama! She creates an all-body inclusive ready-to-wear collection that is a refreshing and exciting way to express yourself every day. I have seen her on the runway as a model and a designer. I love how she designs for women with curves. As a momma with curves, I believe we need more designers like Jenn, who will create outfits that we see ourselves in. Take a bow, Jenn! 

Next we had some previews for a few designers - Georgina Herrera, Little Jo Designs, Joshua Christensen,  and A Duane Topping.

A few years ago, Ulah brought about a new view in men's retail in Kansas City, with their ready-to-wear men's line. With Luna, they venture into ready-to-wear women's clothing, accessories and gifts! 

The next designer of the evening, is KCFW veteran Natalya Meyer of Lucia's Sarto! I have lost track of the number of times, I have seen her designs on the runway, and she wows every time with her creations. While romance and elegance are a recurring theme visible across her collections, Natalya's designs took a stand in favor of Ukraine this time! 

The next designer of the evening was Camille Alexandria Design! In. loved the pay of tulle and all the sheer details. It was dreamy, ethereal and so Spring-chic! 

Next was outerwear by Justine Christine! Loved the play of textures and the ode to luxe! I am definitely eyeing a few pieces for Fall, from the line. I am sure you would too. 

Olha Potapenko and Tatiana Yanchenko have been partners in the fashion industry since 2005. Both designers graduated from vocational schools in Ukraine where they were first introduced to the world of fashion. Since they joined forces in 2005 their work quickly became recognized on a national level for its exceptional quality. Their collection was their way of raising their voice against the war in Ukraine. This duo, like Lucia's Sarto are known for their ode to romance through their designs. But tonight was an ode to the Ukraine. As every immaculate design made its way to the runway, with an ode to the history-culture and spirit of Ukraine, every person in the audience was not only awestruck but also had a lump in their throat!

After such a hard-hitting finale collection, then audience were treated to yet another performance by
Quixotic. And that's a wrap for my coverage of this season's Kansas City Fashion Week!