Merry Christmas everyone. Hope all of you have a wonderful time. Thank you so much for all your support for my Blog. Really means a lot.

So what are your plans this year ? last year I had spent Christmas on the high seas, on a cruise. Red was my color with loads of ruffles. This year, I decided to switch things up a bit. We are home for Christmas, after years of being away.  I shall be spending my day surrounded by my family and friends. And in terms of colors, the Red of last year, has surely given way to the greens. Cozy comfort is the key for me this year and every year. I am hosting a small Christmas party at home, and as hostess, I need be on trend but not wear something over fussy. A Sweater and Denim seemed to be the perfect choice, along with my statement Red lips.
Its my Chenille sweater in a forest green, which is my choice for Christmas this year. While I am still on the fence about brown lips, Chenille is one of the trends from the 90s,which I am glad made its way back. I can literally stay in Chenille all day. Its almost like lounge wear for me, if you ask. Chenille is surely an It items in your closet for the season. If you haven't picked up yours yet, then you surely need it.

I styled mine,with Jeggings and my ankle boots. As I have to be on my feet, being the hostess, I opted for flats, rather than a dressier pair of heels. My Sweater is chunky but not bulky. Its cropped just at the right length,which make sit perfect to be styled in so many ways. I have styled mine with jeggings this time, but you can style it with a skirt and Vans. Chenille Sweaters are an absolute favorite of mine, and I am surely picking up a few more colors soon. Stay warm.




Come winter and my dry skin gets drier. So I am always on the look out for both skin care and make up, which help me address that problem. I recently tried out a few new beauty products, in conjunction with each other. So I thought of penning down my thoughts about them, in case any of you were struggling with dry skin too. It was Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation, along with Skinceuticals Hylaronic Acid Intensifier and Skinceuticals

Christmas is almost knocking on the door, and the party invites at this time of the year, are multiple. I want to look myself, and not cakey when I use make up. And dry skin, if not addressed with proper skin care, can make a lot of make up look cakey.

My skin does very well with Hylaronic Acid. So whenever I come across a product which claims to have hylaronic acid, I am interested to try it out. Skinceuticals Hylaronic Acid Intensifer is a multicorrectional serum. It boots the skin's hylaronic acid levels by 30%. It provides long lasting hydration which improves the skin's texture. I used a few drops on my face, after I had cleansed and dried it. I let it soak in for a few minutes, before I proceeded to the rest of my skin care and make up.
I followed it up with Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore. Its an anti ageing moisturizer, which refills cellular lipids, and nourishes dry skin. I do follow a basic anti ageing skin care regimen, but its nightly. So it was quite a change trying out an anti ageing product which I could use during the day, below my make up. it can be used on any type of skin, even including sensitive skin. Its paraben and dye free, and is lightweight with a fast absorbing texture.

Finally it was time to try out the new foundation. Dermablend Flawless Creator Foundation, can be used by itself as a foundation or mixed in with skin care. It claims to be Blendable, Buildable and Customizable. Its water free and oil free, and contains 33% liquid make up pigments. I was sent in the shade 30N . I do have warm undertones, but can carry off neutral undertones for some shades too, especially in Winter, when I am so pale.

You can use these foundation drops, to create your own custom coverage. Use 1 drop for minimum coverage and 4 drops for maximum coverage. The foundation is very pigmented. The shade wasn't a perfect match, but it was close. I would like to try out their warmer toned shades too, to get my perfect shade match. I had used it over the serum and moisturizer. The foundation's claims of being blendable, is something debatable. I had to use a flat foundation brush and then a damp Beauty Blender , to get the finish I wanted. It was a bit chalky when I first started applying it. However, once it was all blended(which did take some time), I loved the finish. It did not stick to my dry patches or look cakey at all. It photographed well, and did not have a flashback. Those are brownie points in my opinion, when it comes to foundation. I also tried it out another day, by mixing it with the moisturizer, and creating my custom tinted moisturizer. I think it worked better, if you mixed it in with the moisturizer. Then it was easier to blend, and I liked the light coverage it provided. Very apt for daily school runs. Overall, its a good product, I would probably buy it again.

Disclaimer : I received these products FREE for testing purposes, but the opinions are those of my won. 


The countdown to Christmas has started. What better way to spend a Sunday, than a Brunch with Santa. We were invited to attend this holly jolly annual event, held in Kansas City Power and Light District(KCPL).  From being weekend regulars at the nightspots years back, to joining our daughter for a fun filled afternoon with Santa Claus at the Midland now, we have come a long way, in our association with KCPL.

I could go on and on about the venue and how beautiful it was. It was a slice of history, served on a Christmas platter.  As we waited in the Buffet line, for our Brunch, I could not stop admiring the venue. Arvest Blank Theater at the Midland, is one of downtown's most iconic historic buildings. The details on the ceiling, the glistening chandeliers, the cherubs taking center stage were all so awe inspiring. In the made race for modernization, it was such a welcome change to see such an iconic venue preserved in its elements.

 Plates loaded, from the multi course Brunch we found our way to our table. Mommy enjoyed her Mimosa, and Daddy his Bloody Mary and kiddo enjoyed her Shatto Milk. The Hot Chocolate Bar was tempting enough, I must add.

What's Christmas without some Cookies? I didn't bake much this year, so MeMa's Old fashioned Bakery came to my rescue, with their Christmas Cookie Decorating Station. Our daughter had so much fun, icing and decorating her Christmas Tree Cookie. She mentioned it tasted as good as it looked.

Did someone say Photo Booth ?
It was time for StoneLion Puppet Theater with their presentation of "Emperor Penguin's New Clothes." The children were literally rolling on the floor with laughter, as they enjoyed the show.

It was time to meet Santa. Rii claims that she is surely on the Nice List this year, and hopes for quite a few gifts under our tree. Every family went home with a  professional photograph with Santa, courtesy of Arvest Bank
 All the children went home with a special gift from the North Pole. Rii loved her gift and wanted to start reading it , there itself. So fortunate to have a book worm.
Brunch with Santa at KCPL is an Annual Event, which was completely sold out. Proceeds go to benefit the Phoenix Family Hike Program. I am surely going next year, are you ?



I rarely switch up my hair care routine, but I decided to give some new products a try recently. One of them was Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo. I have been using Sulfate Free Products for my hair for years now, so am often sceptical to try out new things. Maple Holistics got in touch with me, asking me, if I wanted to try some of their products.

My Hair is dry, curly, frizzy, colored and also long. Its almost a lethal combination for me, to manage. But being sulfate free, for all these years, has made such a significant difference to the quality of my hair. Maple Holistics, as the name suggests is a natural and holistic beauty brand, with a range of products for both skin care and hair care. Their products are available on their Website and on Amazon. All their products are :
                                    Cruelty Free
                                    Sulfate Free
                                    All Natural
                                   Made in the USA
                                   Safe for Color 
I was confused as to which Shampoo would work for me, so I sought the help of Maple Holistics,  for their suggestions. They suggested their Argan Oil Shampoo.   
The packaging was sleek and very travel friendly. Argan Oil Shampoo is a blend of 6 different kinds of oils and other natural ingredients. The star of the show is surely Argan Oil, as the name suggests, which is also known as Moroccan Oil. Its has been a cult ingredient where hair care is concerned for the last few years, so it was good to jump into the fad.

Argan Oil Shampoo claims to :
Build Thick, Srong, Lustrous Locks 
Nourish Hair and Scalp
Rejuvenate hair for softer tresses
Moisturizes for hydrated softened hair
Has the potential to repair damaged, dry, brittle hair 
Can aid in stopping hair loss 
Helps make hair more manageable. 
How much of these claims does it live up to ?

Its literally 1/4th the price of the Salon Profession Sulfate Free Shampoo I use for my color treated hair. So it was nice to come across a quality hair care product at such a price point. Its lightly scented which is quite pleasant. I have pretty long hair, and I was surprised that a little of this shampoo goes a long way. It lathers up pretty well, and left my hair clean, without over drying it. My hair was soft and moisturized and did not feel weighed down. Argan Oil Shampoo is great for all types of hair. My husband tried it out too, and his hair is very different from mine. His hair is thick, and not colored. He stated that his hair felt soft and clean after he had used it, a few times. I like a product which both of us can use. Makes the shower caddy less cluttered.Finally, my hair color hadnt faded or become brassy. It wa sgentle on my dry , frizzy and colored hair, yet kept it clean.

Maple Holistics is an example of Beauty with a Cause. For every Argan Oil Shampoo bottle sold, Maple Holistics will donate $1 to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  


I had been on the look out for a pair of Leopard booties for the longest time. But my choices, were coming with a price tag of $200 or upwards. But currently. I wanted something more affordable. Don't get me wrong, I love me some leopard, in my outfit, any day of the year. But I wanted to try out Leopard as a Bootie, as a style, before I splurged on it. 

Leopard is a neutral and there are innumerable ways on how you can pair them. For me, Leopard Booties are just the perfect touch of oomph for Fall-Winter. An instant pick me up to any old outfit pulled out from your closet. And that's exactly what I did. I have an older post, from last year,featuring this Wine Chunky Knit Sweater and Denims , with a Fur Vest,which was the statement piece of the outfit. I switched up the Fur Vest with a pair of my Leopard Booties. 

Did I mention how affordable these booties are ? Well, as the title suggests, they are under $40. Mine are from Target , where they are currently sold out. Shows how popular they are. So I have linked a few affordable options, if you wanted to try out the style for yourself. trust me, you wont regret it. 

My Leopard Booties are true to size and are made of velvet. They have a slight heel, which is comfortable to walk in and doesn't pinch or bite you, when you walk with a toddler and dog in tow. I am in love with these Leopard Bootes of mine, and might be guilty of wearing them out, before the end of the season. 

So are you on board with Leopard Booties ! Dont forget to show me your pair, by tagging me in your picture.



I love me some Luchi any day of the week. When we were growing up, I remember the Luchi which was a quintessential part of the weekend breakfast/. Luchi which was served with Shada Alu r Torkari. Luchi which I loved to dig into. Luchi which was pillowy soft and white. Luchi from my Mom's kitchen. Food nostalgia is surely something on which editions and editions of books can be written and still there will be loads to tell.

What is Luchi, if you ask me? Luchi is a dream. Jokes apart, its a deep fried flat bread made from all purpose flour, and can be served with a bevy of things. From Kosha Mangsho(Goat Curry) to Shada Alur Torakari (plain and runny potato curry,) to even some sugar, Luchi will always be the star of the show.

Just as much I love Luchi, my husband loves it a bit more. I always say, that its our love for Food which binds us together so well.
But as luck would have it, my attempts at making Luchi haven't been that great. Yes, I do have a few Blog Posts in this very Blog, but let's say Luchi and my Kitchen are not the best of friends. (Insert sad face Emoji)
A foodie can never be satisfied with failure, especially when it concerns one of their favorite food. So in keeping with the trend of hacks, there came a hack for Luchi. I dont take any credit for it. I had attended a picnic, organised by some friends from the Kansas City Bengali Association. And they served a mean Luchi for breakfast. They are known to serve Luchi at many other dos, so I thought that it must be the regular one they were talking about . I was pleasantly mistaken. Out came this bag of Tortilla Land Uncooked Tortillas. Each uncooked Tortilla was cut in 4 pieces and deep fried in hot oil. The Tortilla triangles puffed up like regular luchis, and taste wise, here wasn't much difference. I loved it.

Off we went to Costco, and picked up our bag and we have been having Luchi whenever we can.

Is there naything in the kitchen which is your nemesis ? Would love to hear about it.



Make Up is something which is one of my favorite topics. I am a constant learner, and try to keep myself updated as times roll on. yes, even I have gone through my crazy make up stages and come up to my current make up days. There were to be times, I used to be known for my elaborate eye make up. Now I am super minimalistic. I cant even remember the last time I had used eye shadow in 2017.

Make up trends might come and go, but what remains steady, is my stash of make up removers.

Over the years, I have tried endless make up removers, but very rarely, have I  found products which actually deliver. Dont get me wrong. I am not saying, they dont work at all. All that I am saying is that they didnt work for me, or my make up and lifestyle routine.
Which brings me to the point, what kind of make up do I use? And what kind of skin do I have ?I had mentioned minimalistic in a previous line somewhere , didnt I . I have extremely Dry and Sensitive skin. My make up consists of a Foundation, and not a BB/CC cream, high coverage Concealer , Eye Make Up Primer , Black Gel Eye Liner, Black Waterproof Mascara, Blush, Lipstick. Occasionally Contour and Highlight join the mix along with a bevy of Eye Shadow.

The Make Up Removers which can remove this mix are just three. My favorites include Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover, Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water : All in One Waterproof Make Up Remover and Cleanser and Neutrogena Make Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes.  
Lets start with my favorite, Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Make Up Remover is a wonder product in my terms. If you look at the bottle, then you will see two layers of solution inside. Before you use, make sure you shake the bottle well, to create the emulsion. Dab it in a cotton wool, and the toughest of your eye and face make up will be off in a jiffy.

It takes off Gel Eye Liner and Waterproof Mascara without rubbing and tugging. It doesnt sting my eyes at all, which is such a winning point . It give any high end make up remover a run for its money with its quality and affordability.
My second favorite product is the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. I was a bit late in jumping the micellar water bandwagon, but I had been hearing of Bio Derma for years, from my friends in Europe. So when Garnier finally launched its range of micellar waters, I thought of trying out. As my eye make up is waterproof, I went for this version, rather than the original. Its the same case with this make up remover too. If you let the bottle stand for long, then you will see two layers of liquid. Shake it well, till you see an emulsion. This is great for removing face make up ,and might need a few applications if you are removing eye make up. It doesnt sting your eyes. Its also a great cleanser for times, when I havent used make up. You can just dab it on some cotton wool, and remove the dirt of the day, and be ready for the day. The best part is that it doesnt need to be washed off, if you are in a rush. Another drug store product worth its weight in gold.

Last but not the least, is the Neutrogena Make Up Removing Towelettes. Make Up wipes have their critics, but are a savior on nights when I am too tired, or when I am travelling. They don't dry my skin at all, and actually remove all my high coverage make up. I stock up on these from Costco, as I always have to have them in hand.
So what are your favorite eye make up removers? I have listed my favorites down , if you wanted to shop.