I am an out and out denim person, and I am sure all of you that! But when it comes to denim, I have set rules on what I wear. And I usually don't experiment much! My signature choice in denim is that of high-rise, skinny jeans! But with the pandemic, I was being disloyal to my love for denim, and swaying in the direction of joggers! That's what work from home life does for when it's on for 10 months! And then I came across the Luxe Comfort Knit Denim Jogger from Express! It was love at first sight! 

The comfort of joggers now available in denim, what was not to love in that! Designed with an elastic waistband, making it the most loved outfit piece of the season! I am petite, so I ordered the jeans in "Short", as I wanted to opt for that perfect ankle length! When it came to the shade of blue, I deviated from my usual choices, once again! I am more of a dark denim person myself, so this time, decided to opt for a lighter blue! The idea was to create an outfit that would be an ode to Spring! As I always talk about balancing proportions in an outfit, I styled the joggers with a crop top, my leopard pumps! 

Express has introduced a new range of denim, featuring fresh fits, washes, leg shapes, and more. The everyday blue jeans just got better. Besides the jogger denim, some of the other fits include, Mid-Rise Skinny, High-Rise Skinny, Super High-Rise Mom, Super High-Rise Slim! So which new style/fit of denim will you be giving a try! 



Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But sometimes it gets a bit rushed! Working from home, the remote school for my kiddo and everything, often had me skipping breakfast! I am all about simplifying routines, so when I heard of this product, which makes breakfast a cakewalk, I knew I had to give it a try! Just Crack an Egg is a breakfast cup, to which you add an egg or two, and microwave it for a minute! And you have a hot cup of breakfast! It is that easy! 

To be honest, I haven't had a great experience with microwaveable meals in the past! I had tried a few lunch options which honestly to me, tasted more like cardboard gravy! So when this breakfast cup offered a great taste, besides being hot and fresh and who can miss the convenience, right! Bonus point, no dirty pans,  or plates to clean up!  

Just Crack An Egg comes in a few different flavors: like Ultimate Scramble, All American Scramble, Denver Scramble, to name a few! Join me as I make myself this easy and tasty scrambled egg breakfast bowl! Open the packaging first, and remove the ingredients. You are supposed to add in the fresh egg first in the bowl, but I went the opposite route. 
I had opted for the Ultimate Protein Packed option. My bowl had three packages: bacon bits, sausage bits and cheddar cheese! 
One by one I emptied the package content into the bowl! 

Added in an egg! 

Stir it all together! 
Microwave uncovered for 30 seconds! Stir! Then microwave for 40 secs more! If you are adding in two eggs, then double the micrwave time. 
Enjoy your hot and ready scrambled egg bowl, packed with sausage, bacon, and cheese! 

So if you want to try out a new convenient breakfast option, give the Just Crack An Egg scrambled egg bowls, a try! Bon Appetit! 

Disclaimer: I had received these products free for testing purposes. 



Duck Boots and Blanket Scarves! If I had to choose two favorite accessories for the cold weather, they would definitely be these two! They always make me feel extra cozy! 

I had been on the lookout for a new pair of snow boots! After trying on many pairs, I decided to add another Duck Boot to the collection! I can swear by how comfortable they always are. I am petite so often with duck boots, they are a bit wide for me. And I like my boots snug! So it was a close call between a pair from Sperry and this pair from Steve Madden! don't get me wrong, it's not the price tag, but the Stave Madden pair was genuinely a better fit for my petite self! 

Since I am so in love with the new pair of Duck Boots, I decided to style them for this post, with one of my other favorites- the Blanket Scarf! Who doesn't love a good old outfit post, right! I know I do! I wore my new boots to the T on my recent trip to Colorado! They kep me warm as I got busy with winter sports on the slopes of the Rockies! And did I mention, that how great they are to drive in! I always love good driving shoes! 

If you are on the lookout for a new pair of Duck Boots, I shall list a few options for you to check out! Stay warm! 




It's been a hot minute since I wrote a travel blog post! There was a time when we used to travel a lot. Do you know that we have traveled to all 50 states plus Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands! Sadly, I haven't yet blogged about all our adventures! So with the new year, I thought of catching up with some of those due travelogues! Why not start with the latest ones! We went on a road trip to the Top of the Rockies, in Leadville, Colorado this December. But our first stop was at the Kansas Badlands! When I use the broader term Kansas Badlands, it refers to a few different formations nearby! In this blog post, or in this trip, we covered Littel Jerusalem State Park and Monument Rocks, both situated in Oakley, Kansas! It was our first trip to the former and our second trip to the latter! 

Let us start with Little Jerusalem State Park! Oakley, Kansas is about 5 hours away from the KC metro area and most people yet haven't explored it! I mean for all the people who drive to Colorado, this could be the perfect scenic pit stop, almost midway during the drive! We devoted a day to explore these beautiful landforms with our family! Our 7-year-old is quite the geology enthusiast and loves her hikes! Little Jerusalem State park used to be a private property till about a few years ago, but now it's a state park! There is a vehicle permit of $5 per car, for the day! 

Little Jerusalem State Park provides one of the most dramatic Niobrara chalk landforms in Kansas! Long ago, this area was a giant sea! In addition to the present-day wildlife, the remains of swimming and flying reptiles dating back 85 million years have been found here. According to folklore, these chalk outcroppings used to resemble the ancient walled city of Jerusalem, hence the name "Little Jerusalem." There are two trails: Overlook Trail which is 0.5 miles and the Life on the Rocks Trails which is around 1.5 miles! Hiking on both the trails can take multiple vantage points of the rock formations! It was a huge hit with our elementary schooler who loved hiking and reading all the information boards which were set at regular intervals, informing hikers about the wildlife, vegetation and so much more! Bonus points, they are pet friendly, as long as your pet is leashed and you clean up after your pet! 

Our next stop was Monument Rocks, which is only a short drive away! This was our second visit to this place and it was equally awe-inspiring as the first time. While at Little Jerusalem, you can view the formations from the overlook points, you can walk through the formations, here at Monument Rocks! The 70 feet tall sedimentary formations of Niobrara Chalk were created by the erosion of a sea bed which formed during the Cretaceous Period. 80 million years ago, this land was the sea bed beneath the Western Interior Seaway which covered much of what is now North America. This geological formation is the Niobrara Chalk, named after bluffs of the same chalk on the Missouri River near the mouth of the Niobrara River in northeast Nebraska. There are no developed trails at Monument Rocks, nor is camping allowed! You do not have to pay for a permit to visit, which is open to the public during daylight hours! 

It made a perfect choice while traveling during the pandemic! Visitors stuck to trails, with their masks one, and socially distanced themselves! People did remove their masks to take pictures, as everyone was socially distanced, it made it seem safer!  So next time, someone tells you, what is there to see in Kansas, here is just a tasting menu! There is so much to explore, if only you wanted to! Before you plan long trips to faraway places, how about explore our very own Kansas!