I was  heavily pregnant when we went to Memphis and had our share of the famous Dry Rub Memphis Style Ribs at the iconic Rendezvous Ribs. There's a funny story on how we finally located the joint after our Internet instructions were surely not leading the way. but that's another story for another day.

We were on this long road rip to the Sea from the Midwest. It was snow and rain all over our journey. So Memphis was one of the pit stops we had on the way. Which only meant we stuffed ourselves with Ribs. But that is another story for another day. 

 I have always had a thing for Dry Rub Ribs.  I will even go to Chilis to have Ribs,as they are one of the few places who make a decent Dry Rub Rib. 

Yes, I know I stay in Kansas City, the Barbecue capital of the world. But there are some things which the heart just has a thing for. While I love my KC style Barbecue. I just prefer my Ribs Dry.

So when I was whining this evening over how much I wanted junk food, the Man just put in a batch of carefully marinated Dry Rub Ribs, Memphis style, into the Oven. Now for the clock to tick. If the pictures are to be believed, it's gonna be a Good Good Night. 

Oh Yes, I could not wait for the Ribs to get cooked,when I started writing this post. It was really that good to look at. 

Now that Dinner has been polished off, I decided to get back to finishing this post. 

Warning: I am writing under a clear case of Food Coma !!!! 

The man had picked up a rather large rack of Ribs. We had decided that we would have it over a weekend. After all my complaining this evening over many things, The man decided to bring out the Ribs. We went ahead to make half  of the rack and keep the other half for a rainy day. Ribs need a bit of prep work and you need to have some sharp knives when you are dealing with them.Ribs have a silver skin covering them. And that is not tasty at all. This makes the Ribs rubbery and the spices do not  even penetrate that well. The ribs as a result might stay dry or even get burnt. So the butchering skills of the Man were put to good use. The fat was trimmed. 

The Rack of Ribs were generously rubbed with some canola oil. And then came the famous dry rub. The man made sure that he massaged in the spices pretty well. 

Finished off with some dried herbs. 

Off into a hot oven for more than a couple of hours. 

Decadence personified was served for dinner. 


Baby Back Ribs
Dry Rub made of Onion Powder, garlic Powder, Light brown Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Black Pepper
Canola Oil


Cut and Trim the rack of Ribs

Slather with Canola Oil

Massage with Rub and seasoning

Add on dry herbs like Parsley Flakes

Bake in a pre heated Oven at 450F for 45 mins to an hour

Serve warm 

Bon Appetit !!! 

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