Rum lover's dream holiday: Puerto Rican diaries

RUM...we never joke about it, do we....I mean all fellow rum lovers!! my brother often says that I am married to rum, well maybe I am.

One good thing, the rum doesn't cheat me ever, and will not ever..I don't have that fear with my RUM.

Honeymoon in Puerto Rico...was my husband's idea I found uber romantic, in the run up to my social marriage(given the fact I married the same man twice...and bechara faithful rum lost out). Ultimately the honeymoon got postponed to be the anniversary celebrations, and idea of rum kept jingling the loudest jingle...the land of the pirates ..the land of I come as i said to myself.
Life has always played too many games with me.... I know , I can almost hear one of my childhood buddies, literally shouting and saying, your life credits being remade on celluloid. Yes, I agree to her I was a bit apprehensive about this RUMmy trip. For once, life was fun and games, in the Caribbeans.
Needless to say I doused myself in rum, yet seemed to enjoy each and every trip, the rum offered me. Puerto Rican Rum has its own tang, and why would it suit NOT my Indian palate...after all the main ingredient in the most famous Puerto Rican rum, is Indian sugarcane...I was astounded when i heard that during a tour of the biggest rum distillery in the wonder my connect with Rum. Rum seemed to follow me wherever i hopped on that archipelago...and I for once enjoyed in a very guilt free fashion..

Maybe what my brother had always said...was in fact true..that Rum was my first husband..and here I was romancing Rum in the lanes and bylanes, and even the choppy waters of Puerto Rico.
An awesome catamaran ride on one the choppiest waters in Puerto Rico, meant arming myself and my husband with sea sickness medicines..the biggest warning on the medicine packet was to avoid any sort of alcoholic beverages...i read that loud and clear. Once the boat started, my whisky loving husband , stuck to his coke, coz whisky is not served in the land of rum. and i found myself downing all sorts of concoctions with rum..Cuba Libre and Pina Colada to name a few. Maybe i didn't mention that my tour of the rum distillery had also seen me down a couple or so of my favorite rum, earlier that day. And i said to myself, bring on the motion sickness...Everyone kept commenting on the boat, that it almost felt like a roller coaster ride, the choppy sea and the catamaran....and me being scared of roller coasters, seemed to be just enjoying...I was even swaying myself to the loud and thumping music playing on board...I kept smiling to myself that Rum was holding my I had nothing to worry about.
A trip to another Puerto Rican island, saw me dousing liberal amounts of Pina Colada. As with most people, visiting the island of enchantments or the rum capital of the world, Pina Colada had become my favorite cocktail, because i was in its birth place. 
Rum is criticised as being crass, heavy..but for rum lovers like me and many many others, its a drink, which is oh so smooth.....and to an extent even therapeutic I should say. My brother once treated his sea food allergies all over on his face, by washing them with rum twice a day...and voila it was cured, where even medicines seemed to have failed. And for me, rum is always always lends a healing touch to me !!!!!!!!

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