Love and Lust..Forgive and Forget

Love and Lust.. two things whose meanings have always been too clear for me. Criticised by friends and family for being a hopeless romantic, love was always a big part of my existence....I was in love with the idea of falling in love itself....see,i told u, what a romantic I was.

Lust is something, i was always maybe a bit scared about...I had heard how seemingly sweet couples became absolute strangers to each others, when one turned lusty...and I always felt that lust is something which will never creep its face in my life ahead.

But as its said, one should not fear anything a bit too much, because that's what hits you the hardest at least once in your life, and if you are severely unlucky, then the lightning will strike you more than once.

Well, I have a best friend, whom i have known, since December 2nd, (lets keep the year a secret, what say!!) And she was equally a hopeless one,when it came to matters of the heart and shared the same ideas about LOVE and LUST. No wonder we are best of friends!!!

And everyone always told her, that her life and her adventures and misadventures credited being in a best seller or may be a blockbuster,and she always laughed it off...was her life so filmi, she often wondered.

Well, she was a successful television journalist, had just found her first love was on a roll for her...what could ever go wrong.

What she didn't realise was that her life was truly very things could not be smooth for her for a long long time...the ride had to be bumpy....and it would be Love and Lust which would show their faces in the ugliest of ways.

She was over the moon, when a boy she had fallen in love with, when she was 16, walked back in her life, when she was 26...and they decided to marry. Well, marriage, why not, she thought!! Many friends turned sceptics, and did try to warn her just to be a bit careful....coz normal life can not usually be so mushhhyyyyy and filmi, can it!!!

She was immune to reason, madly in marriage it was and a big break to the career as it would be just Loveeee in their lives..!!

Well, till Lust decided to get UGLY with her.

She used to laugh at her mother and aunt when they sat glued to the television sets,soaking in the K series dramas. Almost falling out of her chair in laughter, and shouting out loud, did all this stuff ever happen in real life....NO...Never.

The sickest joke....her life almost resembled a Lust episode from any popular soap opera!!!

The man she had loved, ever since she knew what love meant to adults, was cheating on her. Lust had finally found a presence in her life. How could it happen to her? Hers was a more than perfect love story..the man had come back in her life...she had not gone looking for him, in the wild wild could he cheat on her?! But he had. The exchange of internet communication which bore testimony to the Cheating , to the Lust..stared at her from the screen of her laptop...memories kept coming back to her, of all the happy moments she had spent with her man, all of which seemed so contrived and meaningless...and the fact her LOVE(read: her man) had turned LUSTY when she was recovering from the loss of her first child!!! Boy, that beats even a K series melodrama...why is her life so filmi, I wonder!!!

And then she heard the twin words...Forgive and Forget....two of the toughest words of the English dictionary for her.

He simply said " He was sorry...... he didn't understand how one behaves when one is married." She wondered, she never knew one had to go through a special training to learn how to behave when one is married!! Quirky!!!!!!

His family turned the situation even nastier...and kept badgering her...that since she is a woman...its her duty to Forgive and Forget...because men make mistakes, dont they!! oh Boy, I wonder how this seemingly ruthless brood would have echoed the very same words, if their happily married daughter had to face the same fate!!!!

And that is when she learned , that Forgive and Forget are two things which are almost impossible.

She was almost on the brink of a meltdown, or should I say, a breakdown.....but she even avoided that...Her maternal family and her friends are the reason why she has learnt to smile ...she tried to walk down the twin paths of Forgive and Forget, to bury the hatchet called Lust or Adultery...but as she says these days, its one of the longest walks of her life!! See, told you, her life was filmi at every step..doesnt it seem like a script for a Bollywood blockbuster.

She does smile a lot these days....because she has chosen her poisons well....Ignorance is bliss after all.

And yes, she is till quite filmi..despite all the Lusty roads that her Love walked on...she still finds herself Loving him...lucky guy , I should say!!!! The man should praise his stars, that she still loves him..and she didnt sue him left, right and center, for adultery.

Wonder now, if they made a film on my best friend's life, what would the star cast be like...well....that could do for another brainstorming session. Filmi very filmi!!!!


  1. lovely..... i know your best friend very well :)

  2. This is a wonderful piece of writing

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    Adi Chaudhuri: VERY TRUE!!!
    "Last yr wen i said 2 someone that its very hard 4 me trust someone" that person said " I'M HARSH ON MYSELF" but after reading this i say "ITS BETTER 2 B HARSH THAN HURT"
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    Priyanka Ray Chaudhury: Good job.. Hpe to hear mre GOOD stuff frm u.
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    Shinjini Bose: very well written rito..keep it up..
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    Soma Chatterjee: very well written..good job rwita..
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    Chandrayee Chakraborty: inspirational writing rwita...
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    Priyadarshinee Raksit: I wish I could bare my heart like you.. You're brave. ♥
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