Who does not love a good pizza! I know I do! While I could go on and on about what I love in my pizzas, I decided to take you through a pizza journey in my kitchen. When the world has become a global village, it is but natural for tastes and flavors to mingle. While Tex-Mex may be one of the most iconic cases of food fusion, there are many kinds of culinary fusion, which are born in the kitchens of both celebrity chefs and home chefs. As a vaction to India is on the cards, how about some Indian flavors to play with. 
We were recently watching an episode of Netflix's "Ugly and delicious," where we came across Sushi Pizza from Tokyo. Many might have found it intriguing and many might have found it repulsive. While lazing on our couch during the episode, my husband reminded me, of a fusion food, he loves to create - Tandoor Chicken Quesadilla. If you want to read about it, then click Here. We both remembered how well the chicken flavored with Tandoori spices, pairs well with the melting cheese. And that's how the idea of Tandoori Chicken Pizza was born in our couch. 

We had the idea in place and we both love to cook and document our culinary adventures. It is a different thing that only 20% of our adventures make it to the Blog in time. The chicken part of the pizza was easier to take care of, but the Pizza dough part of the pizza was yet to be figured out. That is when we remembered that we had been to a Dough Making Class at Pizzeria Locale a few months back, and we had coupons for free dough balls, somewhere at home. So the coming Friday, after we had marinated the chicken in the morning, it was time to pick up the dough in the evening from one of our nearby Pizzeria Locale locations. I write this post with a heavy heart, as all of the Pizzeria Locale locations have now been closed. 
Coming back to the Pizza, we had marinated skinless, boneless chicken thighs, in our homemade tandoori masala, and salt. If you are running short on time, and then at least marinate for two hours. 
Pizzeria Locale had also given us some extra flour to help us roll out the dough balls into Pizza bases. If you want to know more about how to make Dough from Scratch, then Click Here. 

Grill the chicken first and then shred it with a fork or chop it. Now its time to assemble the pizza. We used veggies we had at home. Tandoori chicken in general pairs very well with onions and bell peppers. 
Ingredients : 
Chicken: Boneless, skinless chicken tights - 1/2 lb 
Green Bell Pepper: 1: sliced
Red Onion: 1/4, sliced 
Mozzarella Cheese 
Marinara Sauce 
Pizza dough balls: 2 
Tandoori Masala/Spice Mix: 2 to 4 tbsp 

Marinate the chicken with tandoori spices overnight or a minimum of 2 hours. 

Grill the chicken and chop into thick chunks. If you are not grilling it, then bake it in a pre-heated oven, at 350F. Place the marinated chicken thighs in a greased grill, of a Turkey roasting pan. As the chicken bakes, make sure the cooking liquid fall son the tray below. Discard the liquid. One of the major problems of cooking Tandoori Chicken is either making it soggy by literally boiling it in the cooking liquid or letting it go dry. Please, babysit your tandoori chicken. 

Once the chicken is cooked and is cooled somewhat, its time to roll out the pizza dough. 

Add a dash of marinara sauce, or white sauce, whichever you prefer. 
Cheese goes next along with your toppings. 

Cook for around 6 to 7 mins. 

Serve hot! 

Bon Appetit! 

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