Bar K Dog Bar is a haven for dog parents in Kansas City. Back home, when I grew up, we always had dogs. And we also had a yard where our dogs could play. When we adopted Blaze last year, I missed most was having a yard for him, and our daughter. We love our daily trips to the local dog park as we are aware of the exercise and play Blaze needs. But somehow, something was missing in the equation.
 For those of you who do not know of Blaze, he is our rescue pup, whom we adopted at 8 weeks old, from Wayside Waifs, a local shelter in Kansas City. Blaze was the runt of his litter and is an absolute sweetheart. he completes our family just perfectly. Blaze turned a year old this month and we wanted to do something special for him, besides a cake smash and his gifts. Bar K Dog Bar seemed like the perfect day out for this family.

Bar K Dog Bar opened its doors in Kansas City, on August 14th and has become an absolute favorite with local dog parents. It is a 2-acre dog park combined with a restaurant, bar, coffee lounge, event space, all on the Berkley Riverfront. It is such a unique destination which has been thoughtfully designed, to every detail.
Guests without dogs are welcome as well. If you are coming with a dog, you need to get a guest pass for your pup or sign up for a membership. The off-leash dog park is supervised by experienced dog handlers, who are trained to study dog interactions and behavior. They will intervene before a conflict arises amongst the canines. A jungle gym, splash pool, rock climbing for your pups, while you enjoy a beer, or two. the main dog park is open to dogs of all sizes, and there is a Puppy Area, for pups 3 to 9 months and also a Small Dog area, for dogs 25 lb and under.

You can drop off your dog at the dog park and head inside to the restaurant to enjoy a meal or a drink, while the handlers look after your pup. Or you can take your leashed dog, and head to the terrace overlooking the park or the patio to enjoy a well put together menu. The whole building is made out of repurposed shipping containers.

The food/Menu is "Healthy-casual," both for humans and their pups. Craft beers, cocktails, Cofee from Messenger Coffee, ice cream from Betty Rae's add to the mix. You can order Beef Stew or Chicken Risotto for Fido and Ice Cream Nuggets as his dessert. You can settle down with an amazing Beef Steak Bowl, some craft beer and some pretzels.

Bar K hosts a variety of programs, so keep checking their website and social media handles for updates. Their Pet Finder park hosts adoption events regularly. They have a live music line up almost every weekend, and we loved it as we sipped into our beer. If that is not all, then there are a few games, for our human kids to indulge in, as you wait for your food.

If your pup got dirty, then there are wash station to clean up, before you head home. Or you can also head to the full-service dog sale on site. Make sure you pack a towel in the car if you are headed to Bar K.

We had a great time as a family and we will surely be back for more.



Are you planning a hot new date night? Or looking for a spot to enjoy a weekend meal? Or how about a night with the girls? But you as a foodie, often do not agree with the food choices of either your date or your favorite girls. Do not worry! There's Parlor to your rescue. Two bars, 7 different restaurants, a floor plan resembling a home straight out if HGTV, all in the middle of the Crossroads Art District. Presenting to you, Parlor, the coolest place to spend your weekends in. Parlor opens to the public on Sept 21st 2018. 
I was invited for the soft opening of Parlor last weekend, and needless to say, I had a great time. I might have also been one of the last few to leave the party, it was that good. If you know me, you know that we love trying out new places to eat and I am forever a champion of KC food scene. When the invite read, that I could party with my whole family, it did seem interesting. We went as a family of three and we had a blast.

Everything is good with Rose! The evening began with their signature cocktail - Tequila Rose. It tasted even better than it looked. And it looked beautiful. Parlor,  is a collection of Chefs, who have come together to advance the concept of what a restaurant should be. You can take your pick from Pizza to Korean, from Scandinavian to Turkish-Yucatan fusion, from Nashville Hot Fried Chicken to hearty Sandwiches. Their aim is to create a set of diverse culinary concepts paired with unique cocktails and craft beers and celebrate it all with an eclectic atmosphere under one roof. 

With my cocktail in my hand, it was time to explore the huge space. Parlor is divided into two floors. We are in the market looking for a new house, the tour of Parlor was all about home decor inspiration for us. The main floor is divided into a large living room, a study, and a den. There are beautiful murals on each floor which are so awe-inspiring.
I am a foodie out and out, but I was so busy staring at the beauty of it all, that I had to be reminded of trying out the food too. The top floor has another living room and four more unique restaurants. Drawing inspiration from its neighborhood, the Crossroads Art District, Parlor aims to create a space, which is comfortable and trendy for people to relax and socialize while enjoying great food from all walk of life.

It is so hard to pick our favorites when all 7 are equally wonderful. So I shall try you to as many as I can to help you chart our culinary journey when you are at Parlor.

We started off with Yaki-Ya, where I am guilty of overeating. Chef Patrick Curtis, of the much loved Shio Ramen, brings his coolest joint in town. We started off with Yakitori Chicken and Yakitori Shishito Peppers. Then followed up with OkonoMiyaki - Osaka style, and finally the amazing Yakisoba Bowl.  

I have been to Iceland recently so it was interesting to find a restaurant which offered Scandivaian Street Food. Presenting to you Vildhaust, from the owners of Swedish food destination Klubb Kolkstorm, in KC. We started off with Curried Korv and Swedish Potatis Korv. The drinks they had on offer were so interesting, to say the least. still cannot get over their Coffee Lemonade, which is a must try, once you are there. 

Next stop was at Karbon. Chef Rachel Rinas shows you her first solo venture after her time at Jarcoho and Local Pig. She creates a fusion of Yucatan and Middle Eastern flavors which was something very unique even to a seasoned foodie like, who has eaten her way around the world. We started off with Costillas Pibil(traditional Yucatan style roast pork), Chicken Empanadas, and Turkish Elote(Grilled corn on the cob with mayo, zata, queso fresco.

Sandwiches from Farm to Market Sandwich Co , and Pizza , Kimchi Pancake from Sura Eats, and Canolis from Providence Pizzeria co, and Nashville Hot Fried Chicken from Mother Clucker were also noteworthy.

 Parlor is surely on my list for weekend destinations. It might not be the first food hall in the KC metro area, but is surely the trendiest and the classiest. And do go early and get some golden hour photos, on the amazing terrace overlooking the Crossroads Art district. Thank you Parlor and TKG agency for the invite.



Are you ready to take on the Fashion Police head on and wear White After Labor Day? I know I am. We have been having our share of cooler mornings with bright sunny days. White for me is a color which does not get retired to the back of my closet after we bid goodbye to Summer. I love to pair my whites with darker tones, as we head to colder days. So please do not pack your white denim away. They pair great with richer fabrics like velvets in Fall-Winter, in case you had not tried that combination.

I had been tempted to style a white on a white outfit for quite some time, and finally, it made it to my Blog. Stripes are such a favorite across seasons, and when paired with a white denim, they really do look their best. White pairs with every possible color, so feel free to throw on a Fall cardigan or a duster over this white on white outfit.

There are a few things I did differently with this outfit choice of mine. For instance, while I always wear low rise denim, I styled this outfit with a mid rise denim. I am not a fan of the way the denim fit around my legs to be very frank, but I loved how they fit around my tummy and hips. A mid-rise denim does wonders to my mom bod. Getting the right denim fit is such an elusive feat at times.

Now coming down to the top. I am petite and usually a size Small fits me in most brands. But I have seen for some tops, if I size up to a Medium, I love the flowy fit. It is very forgiving of my tummy bulges and love handles, and that makes it a winner in my eyes.

The blue tones of the stripes are played up by the denim mules, and the statement earrings in teal. The cool tones of this outfit are complimented by the coral lips and the wood watch by Jord.

Do you wear White after Labor Day?