Hope all of you had a fabulous February! We had yet another snow/ice day and school was canceled again. There is no sign of Spring yet, but no harm in being hopeful. Usually, we go out for dinner on Valentine's Day, and I love an excuse to get dressed. This year with the bad weather, and icy roads, it was comfort which took over. I knew I wanted to stay within the pink zone when I was planning my outfit. Could not let all those fabulous lipstick to go to waste, could we! Hope you liked my previous post on Pink Lipstick for Valentine's Day?

"Pink Peacock," has been described as being tantalizingly theatrical pink, which fans out to a feast for eyes. It is one of Pantone's picks for Spring-Summer 2019.  Each season, the Pantone Color Institute creates the Fashion Color Trend Report: a color overview for the new year. For the last 20 years, Pantone's Color of the Year has influenced product development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries, including fashion, home furnishings, and even industrial design. The Color of the Year selection process requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis.

An oversized sweater and jeans are my uniform for most of Winter, as it just screams comfort. Extra brownie points if it happens to be in a bright color, as in this case. Pink can be a tricky color to pull off, I understand. Balancing off a bright color makes it trickier. But when you have a great pair of jeans, then everything falls right into place. I swear by my Jeggings from American Eagle. They make everything look good. I carried off the comfort vibe with this outfit, but you can surely style this sweater with a leather skirt and some booties. Maybe that's an idea that I can explore in a future post.

Coming back to the sweater, I had fallen in love with its neckline, when I first saw it 7 years ago. Yes, it's an old sweater. I was almost in the last phase of my pregnancy and did not want to buy any more maternity clothes. So I picked up something which had room for me to grow in. I knew I could style a slouchy sweater later on. It took me so long, for this sweater to finally make it to the blog. Its a very bright shade of pink, and I wanted it to be a casual outfit when I finally styled it for the blog.

From outfits to life! From a sweater, I had bought in the final stretch of my pregnancy to the final stretch of my second Master's. Working on my Capstone project now and making the last few weeks count. Its been a wonderful two years, and I am so blessed to have met all the wonderful people who were a part of this journey with me. I am on a job quest and it has been an interesting journey so far.

What did you wear for Valentine's Day? Did you go the comfy route like me or was it something more formal? So here's ending February on a bright pink note!



 Mardi Gras is around the corner and Jazz: A Louisiana Kitchen has a lot in store. Not one but two Giveaways. A Mardi Gras celebration that will knock your socks off.

I and my husband have had quite a few vacations, to New Orleans, Mardi Gras included. Besides the history and sights and sounds, NOLA knows how to pack a punch when it comes to its food. Cajun and Creole favorites and not to forget Beignets. While our vacations have largely reduced, and the last Mardi Gras we had attended was at KCPL, Jazz came to the rescue with their Mardi Gras offering.

We do have a connection with Jazz itself. I love their Alligator Bites. If that is too bold for your taste, then they have an amazing menu to choose Creole and Cajun favorites from.

Before we start discussing all things food, let me tell you of the two Giveaways which Jazz is currently hosting.
The first Giveaway is on Instagram, where I am partnering with Jazz.
1. Like Jazz: A Lousiana Kitchen's Instagram handle -
2. Tag a friend on this Instagram Post of mine-

And you will be entered to win $50 of Jazzy Bucks- Jazz Louisiana Kitchen Currency.

The second Giveaway can be accessed by this link:
Jazz will be taking the winner and a friend, on an all expenses paid trip to NOLA for Mardi Gras.
  Now let's talk about food, shall we! While I love their Alligator Bites, this time I settled for their Voodoo Crawfish Tails. Tender crawfish tails, beer battered and tossed in their spicy voodoo sauce and served with either ranch or blue cheese dressing . I love the layers of flavor in this, as you cannot miss a touch of tang along with the spice. You can sense a crawfish theme, throughout my meal for the day.

Then it was onto Crawfish Etouffee. Crawfish tail meat sauteed in their dark roux and stock sauce. A Cajun staple with a nutty flavor. This is another favorite of mine. While I have explored their menu extensively over the years, I keep coming back to my favorites. 

My Husband ordered the Stuffed Catfish. Two beer battered catfish filets, piled on top of their seafood stuffing and topped with cheesy alfredo sauce. Served with new potatoes and veggies. Our daughter opted for the Popcorn Shrimp platter from their kid's menu. 

How can we not order Beignets and chicory coffee to finish off our meal! 

So go ahead and try your luck in both the Giveaways hosted by Jazz! And if you are in KC, you might want to head to Jazz for their Mardi Gras celebration on March 5th. Bon Appetit!

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 Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What are your plans for today? We usually go out for either lunch or dinner and I get an excuse to get dressed in my reds or pinks. This year, we are without a plan.

 Although we have no sign of Spring yet and are awaiting another round of snow storms, I reached out for my pinks and blush tones, in general. They help me cheat my mind into thinking that maybe it is Spring, which is around the corner. And if you know me well, you are aware that I have a relationship with my lipsticks. So for the love of Pinks and for the love of Lipsticks, I rounded up some of my favorite Pink Lipsticks, for you to wear on Valentine's Day.
                                                    Stila Liquid Lipstick in Patina:
This is my current favorite pink lipstick and I must have ODed on it. The color has been described as Dusty Rose. Its matte, but not drying at all. Its long-wearing and does not flake off. I love blue toned lipsticks and this is another example of that. (color - first from left)
                                                         MAC Star Magnolia :
My love for blue-toned lipsticks carries on with Star Magnolia. It's a shiny bubble gum pink, which compliments almost everyone. It has Pearl finish and has medium coverage. (color - 2nd from left)

                                                            MAC Flamingo:
Its described as being Light Milky Coral but in reality its a pinkish coral, and very apt for V-Day. Its Lustre finish, so needs some touching up if you have a meal. Soft and hydrating and just glides on, with sheer to medium buildable coverage. (color - 3rd from left)
MAC Girl About Town : 
Bluish toned, fuschia with dark notes, is how the color can be described. Its an Amplified finish from MAC, which means that the color payoff is the max, of all of the finishes offered by MAC. I definitely use this shade of lipstick, in the evenings, as its a bold color, in the pink family.  
(color- 6th from left)

MAC Mehr: 
One of the most iconic shades of MAC lipsticks, which was created by MAC global artist Mickey Contractor. For the uninitiated, he is the guru of Bollywood makeup. MAC used to be a limited edition color but has now been on the permanent line for some years. Its one of those colors, which is a favorite of beauty bloggers across the world, and more often than not sold out, when you reach the MAC counter. MAC Mehr is described as dirty Blue Pink. You do see a trend here, don't you?  Its Matte finish, but is not as dry as Ruby Woo and does not flake off by any means. (Color - 5th from left) 

NARS Velvet Lip Glide in Bound:
I was introduced to this color, through my then Sephora Play box subscription. Its a darker version of MAC Mehr, to say simply. Rose pink is how Nars describes it, and they are on point. The formula is good and non-drying. It has a semi-matte finish, which makes it a great choice for longer hours. (Color- 4th from left) 

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Very Vintage :
This is a new shade in this line fo liquid lipsticks from Sephora's own brand. I am in love with this line, especially their matte offerings. The color payoff is great, and they do not flake off. If you have had a meal, then it fades as a stain, rather than being botchy. It is a pinkish purple, if you describe the color, and can easily transition from day to night. (Color -last from left)

Hopefully, you have found a shade of pink which you would love to wear on Valentine's Day and throughout Spring. 



James Beard Award-winning Chef Michael Smith's new restaurant - Farina, is all set to open on February 5th. The perfect location for all your Valentine's Day plans. One phrase which perfectly describes the soon-to-be-opened restaurant is Date-Night Perfection.  And every corner is Instagram-worthy.

I attended a media preview of the restaurant recently, I knew that this had to feature on the blog. Chef Smith's Extra Virgin has been a favorite of ours over the years, and I even have a few blog posts on it. Chef's namesake restaurant -Michael Smith was the perfect choice for many of anniversary dinners. 
Farina is a modern Italian restaurant, which is also housed in the Crossroads Art District, in Kansas City. A 5 sec walk almost from Extra Virgin, the new restaurant is located in the KEmper's Museum's Crossroads location. The restaurant space is super gorgeous, to say the least. And if you were awe-struck with the main room of the restaurant, then hold our breath, as you enter the Wine Room or the private dining space. Did I mention, that there's an Oyster bar as well! Aesthetics are on an all-time high, no matter which corner of Farina, your eye falls on.

Once you get over the initial admiration of how beautiful space is, then we can focus on the food and beverage. I have been a major fan of the cocktails at Extra Virgin, so it was a welcome sight to see Berto Santoro in Farina. My Campari Spritzer was just perfect. 

Let's start off with some of the most creative appetizers.

Some exclusive entrees.

And finally, it was time for the prettiest of desserts. Apple Rose Tart with persimmon sauce anyone!
Farina, which translates to Flour in Italian, will be featuring 10 different signature pasta every day, along with its full-service oyster bar. Chef Michael Smith has come to personify such a high standard when it comes to the culinary arts, and Farina only takes that forward. I know where I shall be going for my next date night. Have you made your Valentine's Dinner plans yet? If not, reservations can be done through Open Table.

Thank you so much for the invite Chef Michael Smith, Nancy Smith KSquared, and KC Foodie Club. Cheers and Bon Appetit!