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I must confess that I have a problem with accessories. I might have lost count of the number of accessories I have, but I just keep adding to my collection. You can understand how excited I was when I was invited to the grand opening of EB&Co at Country Club Plaza, in Kansas City! This is their second brick and mortar location, after the first one in Brookside. If you are not based in KC, then you can always shop online. EB&Co is an amazing accessories boutique by Emily Bordner. Don't I always mention how I shall always support local? Brownie points if they are female-owned! Congrats Emily and Team. 

From earrings to sunglasses, from scrunchies to hair clips, there's something for every accessory lover. Embodying her own sense of style, Emily curates and creates pieces that are unique and trendy.  I am a huge earrings fan, my daughter loves the hair clips! And together we just find a reason to shop from Emily's collections. 

My first introduction to Emily Bordner, was when I received the cutest pair of earrings in a swag bag of Kansas City fashion Week. that was probably 4 or 5 years ago. Its wonderful o see the brand grow and become so popular. I always mention that I love to highlight local girl bosses in my space, and Emily is clearly had to feature. With the pandemic and lockdown, it was so interesting to see how she pivoted her business.

Now that things are slowly happening, it is so nice to attend events. Thanks, KES Studio and EB&Co for having us join the grand opening celebrations. I finally got to try out Strawberry Boba from KC's hot spot - Bruu Cafe. Rather than one large event with maybe 50 people in one room, it was broken up into time slots. really appreciate how brands are planning and executing events, with safety protocols in place. 

I shopped for some new earrings for myself, and a cute gift of a new hair clip for my daughter. I cant wait to style both soon. If you are local to Kansas City, make sure to swing by the new location for EB&Co at the Plaza this weekend, and scope out the special discounts. 



A brand new restaurant just joined the KC food scene Bamboo Penny's. An amazing chef-driven restaurant of Chef Penny Mufuka of  KC Thai fame! It was so much fun to attend the soft opening of the restaurant before it opens its doors to the public this SaturdayWe love Thai food and we love Chef Penny! She is one of my favorite boss ladies in town. 

The menu at Bamboo Penny's is a mix of traditional Thai cuisine and contemporary creations from Chef Penny's repertoire. They specialize in bold flavors and fresh ingredients that encompass every color of the rainbow. 

We started our evening with Spicy Pineapple Mules! As a couple, we are huge fans of Moscow Mules, and we often whip it up at home. So it was an interesting take on of our favorites. Little Miss Riii decided on Classic Lemonade. 

For our appetizers, we opted for Moo Tod - Crispy pork bites tossed with garlic Thai spices and fresh herbs! And if I might add, my picky eater voted this as the best dish she has ever had! So much so, that we had to order a second round. 

Fresh Spring Rolls were our next appetizer! Delicate translucent(soft) rice paper wrappers filled with seasoned ground chicken, thin thread bean noodles, crisp lettuce, fresh bean sprouts, heirloom carrots, cucumber, fresh cilantro, and mint leaves. They are served chilled with their signature creamy peanut sauce and crushed peanuts for dipping. 

For our main course, we settled own for our favorites - GaProw, Pineapple Fried Rice, and Pad Thai A la Penny! These are traditional Thai dishes, but we love Chef Penny's flair to them. 

Last but not the least, we ended our meal on a super sweet note with Mango Cheese Cake, Coconut Ice Cream with Fried Banana, and of course Sweet Sticky Rice with Mangoes!

The food was fabulous, and the service was wonderful. It was so much fun to discuss everything from sipping whiskeys to favorites from Thai cuisine. If you thought KC Thai's interiors were instagrammable, wait till you come to Bamboo Penny's! From the wine cave in the entryway to the succulent walls inside, from the orchids and palms to the cool bar area. Not to mention - the Bamboo Room - a Polynesian-inspired rooftop venue that serves up handcrafted cocktails and small plates for the nighttime stargazer or daytime sunseeker! Did I mention the twinkling fairy lights and retractable rooftop? 

We had a wonderful time at Bamboo Penny's ! The restaurant opens to the public on June 12, in Park Place, in Leawood, Kansas.



It is no secret that we love Colorado. If we are back in less than 5 months, that says something. Add to it, I have officially lost track of the number of times I have visited Colorado. This visit was different though. As we decided to go camping. I will be very honest with you, I am someone who prefers their hotel bed while traveling. But this camping trip has me intrigued. As first-time campers, I am  defintely proud of ourselves. I have taken mental notes on where to improve upon, or how to do things differently maybe next time.  

We were looking for dog-friendly trails and options in the Rockies. So while we love Rocky Mountain National Park, it was ruled out. Estes Park was our destination. We had planned on a hike to start off our day. Midway through the hike, we were met with a hailstorm. With a furry baby and one human one, we scrambled down the mountainous trail. 

We didn't have reservations for a  campsite which meant more driving around in the rain and hail. Finally managed a spot in a primitive campsite. The rain held off for some time, just as if to give us time to set up our tents and get dinner going. And yes, there were S'mores! 

Since the rain had held off for quite some time, decided to try our luck and hit a different trail! Golden hour in Roosevelt National Forest and soaking in the majestic Rockies! Did I mention we were in Bear Country!

Indulged in some campfire banter, before the rains came lashing down. Also, our tents were up on a slope so that there was no water logging during the rains. But it also meant that we went sliding down every few hours. Made for campsite jokes and laughter all night long!