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On Wednesdays We Wear Pink ! Especially if it’s Pink Daisy from GoGoBloom ! 

I am so proud of my blogger babe Molly of @callofthestyled who created GoGoBloom . Not only is Molly a wonderful person but she is also an excellent graphic designer who has created this beautiful line. All floral designs have been hand-drawn which clearly make them one of a kind. orders are printed on demand to reduce waste

You can get 10% off of your first order with GoGoBloom, by using the code RITZ10. Go ahead and support a local female-owned business. You will love everything, I can assure you. 



Happy New Year everyone! Hope all of you had a great start to the new year. This is our first week bac, after our vacation to Nashville and Panama City Beach! Road tripping from the Midwest to the beach is always exciting, especially when its with kids and dogs. We had a kid friendly NYW celebrations in Panama City Beach, and of course I had to get dressed. What better time than to whip ut your brand new sequined dress! For me, shimmer and shine is always a good idea for NYW, and especially if its black. I mean LBD is a classic for a reason I you are interested in my OOTD, then my dress from Express is a part of their BOGO sale. I have like Amy outfit below, if you are interested. Thank you once more for supporting my blog! Your support means a lot to me. 




Behind every kid who believe in Santa, is a mom who believes in her small business-owner friends! This holiday season was a conscious effort to support local as much a we can. And Rii's gifs were no exception.  Rii has loved cookies by Custom cookies by CC in the past and I know she loves hot chocolate. She had wanted to try hot chocolate bombs for some time, so Mommy Santa was listening. I ordered the 4-pack hot chocolate bombs by Custom Cookies by CC online and did a porch pick up, when they were ready. Rii loved hers and even warned mom and dad not to sneak in one in their coffee mugs. 

Yes, I know we didn't quite follow the instructions CC had shared along with the box. The instruction said, add in the hot chocolate bomb and then add in hot/warm milk over it. We did the th opposite but it still worked and tasted equally awesome. There's a cute Reel over on my Instagram page, if you are interested to see the hot chocolate bombs in action If you are local to KC, then look up Custom Cookies by CC for sweet treat options throughout the year and also birthday party favors. 


Merry Christmas everyone! hope all of you have wonderful time with those close to you. Hug tour family extra tight today, a the past two years have bene extra hard. For my Christmas outfit this year, I decided to go the Maroon route. usually I stick to the more predictable reds or greens, but this dress just called out me when I first saw it. I had tried it on, when I had attended the holiday party at one fo my favorite local boutiques - The Pretty Posy Kc, in downtown Overland Park. Thanks Team Pretty Posy KC and Team KES Studio for such a wonderful party and of course, this dress. 

Love the fit of the dress as it was very flattering of my mommy-bod. I am wearing. size Small for reference, which I loved. For some brands, I have to size uptown Medium, although I am petite. But hen I shop at The Pretty Posy KC, I love how their sizes fit me. This holiday season I have been very conscious of sharing from small businesses and this is another local find. If you are in KC metro area, drop by at the Pretty Posy KC for one of a kind outfits. Also if you need marketing help, then KES Studio is a boutique marketing agency. Both businesses are local and female-owned -s o all the more reasons that they are fabulous! 

If you love the outfit, then I have linked similar outfits below. 




Its 7 days to Christmas and I am making most of the sunshine today to run my last minute errands. My holiday sweatshirt from Nickel and Suede was an early gift to myself. Loved how comfy and cozy it is, along with being so festive. Of course, I had to add my Crimson Sweethearts, which I usually wear for Red Friday all year round. This holiday season I have tried my best to support as many local small businesses as I could. Nickel and Suede is a female-owned, small business from which I shop all year round, and not just the holiday season. They have brick and mortar stores in both Kansas City nd Dallas, and you can also shop online from there. And when I had seen this sweatshirt, I knew I to style it with my favorite Red ankle pants, which are currently 50% off. What did you gift yourself this year? Let me know in the comments. 




Color-Blocking and Leather from @express for my next holiday party! Love my reds, greens and sequins this time of year, but I also love to switch up every now and then. This color-blocked sweater would also be fabulous with a pair of either blue denim or even white denim. I loved adding an edgy touch by pairing it with one my favorite faux leather skirts. My whole outfit from @express is up-to 50% off. What’s your holiday style ? Let me know in the comments. 



I have always been fascinated by the peacock! Not only because its the national bird of India, but for the sheer magic of nature that the bird is! So when I received an invitation to dine at The Peacock KC, you know I was excited. I am a foodie and love to try out new places, especially if they are in Kansas City. The Peacock KC opened to the public on November 19, 2021, in Westport. Its a cute 50 seater bistro, which takes you on a global culinary adventure. The Peacock KC serves a diverse cuisine inspired by a variety of cultures., beautifully curated by Executive Chef Brian Mehl.

Loved how colorful the decor was and of course, the magnificent peacock on the wall, beside the kitchen window. Almost as if it was a royal guard, at the gates of the kitchen. While waiting for our food, got chatty with general manager Mike Flynn, who mentioned that The Peacock KC stands for an inclusive place, where everyone is welcome - where you can SHOW YOUR COLORS. As a person of color, and as someone who strongly believes in Diversity & Inclusion, this struck a sweet chord. 

Not only does The Peacock KC have amazing food, but also an amazing array of craft cocktails for mom and dad and virgin drinks for the kiddos. Deb and I opted for their rendition of a Chocolate Martini and Rii opted for a Strawberry Sparkler made especially for her. 

For appetizers we started off with Pork Bellyenoki mushrooms, pickled red cabbage, cashew pistou, radish, chia seeds, tamari cider caramel. My husband is a huge pork belly fan and him and Rii loved it. I must add that the portion size of the appetizer was quite big. 

The second appetizer we tried was Fried Sprouts - brussels, fried shallots, tart cherry, pistachio, crispy prosciutto, beet molasses syrup. The cherry, pistachio and molasses elevated the Brussel sprouts, and made for an interesting plate. 

Rii tried the Canadian Salmon fresh cut fillet, creamy parsnip, pickled red cabbage, grilled broccolini, crispy prosciutto, white anchovy sauce. To be honest, it was not a kid's meal we ordered, but a regular one. Rii loved it all and that's something to say, as she can be a picky eater at times. 

I love my spice and had to try the Peri Peri Chickenperi spiced half chicken, dirty basmati, shiitakes, cranberry, charred greens, chamoy butter bast. It had a good kick but was not overly spicy. Loved how it was paired with the dirty basmati rice. I mean I have had dirty rice and I have had basmati rice, but I haven't had this combination. Chicken, I believe is the hardest to cook. As it can get dry, or its difficult to infuse the right flavors.  

Deb ordered the Lamb Shankchicory coffee rubbed lamb slow braised, whipped potatoes, mustard greens, olive gremolata, red eye pan jus. h cloves lamb and both of us love chicory coffee, so it was match made in culinary heaven. We have had coffee crusted steak in the past, but this was our first time trying coffee crusted lamb shank. And those whipped potaotes, I kept eating spoonfuls. 

For dessert, we tried Black Forest Chocolatebundlet, cherry mousse, chocolate ganache, fried cashews. I am tempted to try the Crumbleagave ricotta, aerated fruit, butterscotch fudge, pistachio, sea salt brittle, chocolate bark. It looked too pretty on the next table. 

We had a wonderful time over great food and. great ambience. If you are in the KC metro area, you should give The peacock KC a try. You will love it as much as we did. 

Thanks page Communications and the Peacock KC for the wonderful dinner!