Staking it for Steak !

If someone asked me, if I could stake it all for one special dish on my plate, and repeated the identical query to my husband, while keeping us in two separate rooms: The answer would be identical: STEAK. Yes, we can say it once and a million times, we both love our share of steaks. And we both love it cooked medium rare, with the pink center gleaming as we cut into the flesh. That is exactly Delicioso. Mashed potatoes, green beans, french fries can be piled on.
I remember a trip to Summit County in Colorado, i guess almost two year back, where we had been for some Winter Sports. Snow Mobiling on the Rockies it was. After all the adventure and adrenaline rush, it was time to dig in to some good food. A good tip by our Snow Mobiling guide, led us to a quaint place called "THE HISTORIC MINT." The restaurant had a quaint factor about it. No wonder, as it had opened it doors in 1862. Old  Timers do not go wrong with basics, do they?! A well stocked bar was good enough, but what caught our eyes were two things.There was a counter resembling a deli counter, with a black board reading out prices of cuts of meats, and a peek around, revealed a huge grill. But hold on, that was not an open kitchen which we were staring at, or were the waiters dressed in casuals. What was exactly the deal?! Well, it was pretty simple. It was a place which catered to strict meat lovers. You ordered for your cut of meat, and headed off to the big grill, and grilled it yourself. So it was a barbecue without the cold Colorado Winter, playing tricks with us. The smile on our faces spelled it all out. A 22 ounce Rib eye it was, which landed on our plate, and hubby donned the grill master's cap. I added in my own expert comments, as he sweated it out on the grill. Our travel companions had settled in for a New York Strip Steak, and Kansas City loyalist had chosen the Kansas City Strip. The grill it was for all of us. The speciality of the grill was that it was made of lava rock, and therefore it did not leave any charcoal aftertaste on the meat. when we all dug into our meat, we thanked the local for the great tip about the eatery. Long Live Chuck, we all muttered in between our gulps. Boy, it was melting in our mouths. It was surely a steakhouse with a difference.
Needless to say,w e have steak cravings every now and then. Either we head for the steak houses, or on days, when we are too lazy, to venture out, we become grill masters at home. The love for Rib eye rules supreme usually. Just about sometime back,  I had picked up a leaner cut of Rib eye,from the local deli. well, we are both on a fitness regime, after all. PAN SEARED GARLIC CRUSTED RIB EYE with some heirloom potatoes and onions, with crunchy bacon, summed up the menu for dinner.The plate looked a bit messy for we were too eager to start digging in, rather than take a few aesthetic pictures. Did i mention how juicy and succulent the steak was. The man had nailed it yet again. Give calorie count a miss for a day, and enjoy meaty goodness, with crunchy potatoes. We all need to indulge ourselves every now and then.Even my trainer Sara feels the same.

Ribeye: 2
Garlic: minced: 3 tabsp
Olive Oil

Red Heirloom Potatoes: 4 per person
Onion: 1 medium sized onion cubed.
Fried Bacon: 4 slices
Olive oil
Coriander Leave: for garnish


Ensure that the meat is thawed. Season the meat with salt and pepper  and minced garlic on both sides. Marinate for a minimum of an hour.

 Take a large skillet and add butter and olive oil to it. Heat it to medium-high, but ensure that the grease mix does not get burnt. Toss in two sprigs of thyme in it and then carefully place the steaks one beside each other. Brown the steaks around 3 minutes on each side.

Transfer the meat to an oven proof casserole and bake at 350F for around 5 minutes more, if you want it medium rare like us. Add in the cubed onions beside the meat Take the meat out and let them rest on plates. Do not cut the steak just then, as this resting time allows the juices to re-allign in the steak. Keep the onions in a  separate bowl. The onions should just about get translucent and lose their crunch.

In the same pan, toss in the heirloom red potatoes. If you do not have heirloom potatoes, then use normal red potatoes, cutting them in half.

Add in salt and pepper and crank up the heat a bit, to add a crunch to the potato. Take the potatoes out, crumble the crispy fried bacon over it, add in some chopped coriander,and the baked onions.

Place the cooked steak on the plate, and add your potatoes beside it. Make sure to dispose off the thy,e sprigs,which we forgot to, before we took the pictures. We were to eager to start digging in.

Well, it is a hearty meal, so you will need to run a few extra miles on the treadmill. But let me tell you, it is totally worth it.

As I always say, Bon appetit !

For those of you who want to head to the Rockies, do stop over at:
The Historic Mint
347 Blue River Parkway,Silverthorne, Colorado: 80468

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