Migratory bird

Migratory birds have been a common visitor to the cool winter clime of the Alipur Zoo in Kolkata, as far as I can remember. Well, I have always been more interested in wildlife, or lets say, animals in general, right from childhood. The travels of the migratory birds intrigued me. How the birds flew for miles and miles, to settle down in warmer clime for a few months every year. From my childhood memories of anecdotes about these birds from my parents,to almost being a migratory bird myself, the journey was quite a journey. A bitter mix of better and sweet or a heady cocktail of changes. The changes which almost changed me and my identity became just one. The identity of a migratory bird.

From shouting out loud and almost grilling politicians in a press conference, to working double shifts quite regularly, to watching television mindlessly the entire day, what a migration of roles it has been. My parents were keen that I add a so called Amreekan degree to my cap, but I was not interested. So it was good old Kolkata and my great alma mater, which now features on my chequered CV. I used to crib to everyone that I was always short of time, how could I add more hours to a day. Student years meant classes, frequent visits to the British Council Library, and teaching a melee of students in the evenings. Add to it shopping sprees, dates and what not. I was almost trying to fit in any activity in any and every hour.

Migration has been a steady feature in my life, hence now I do not complain. I migrated to a totally alien city, when I started to work. Delhi became my mother city, as it nurtured me, so well. From having a bevy of servants taking care of everything in the household in Kolkata, to having an apartment of my own, and managing resources, was quite a challenge. Migration it truly was, and I was learning every minute. Add to it, the nature of my job.

There is a sms joke which circulates in the TV circuit. That if someone has chosen to be a television journo, they simply have a distaste for social and personal life. Its almost akin to signing a pact with the Devil. I did sign that dreaded pact with the father of Adrian. Off days were there on record every week. but they existed only in records, for I was always struggling how and when to avail the Comp offs. I was as usual, asked more than often to work on offs. There were even off days, where I was officially off, yet had to do a speedy PTC (Piece to camera) in the morning. I was having the rest of the day off, after all. And off days, where I was perpetually on the phone, giving instructions to interns, or co ordinating news breakage. What was truly a holiday, I often wondered. But yes, I loved that adrenaline rush. I have a friend, who always complained, that whenever I was out with her, I was talking more on the phone, than I was to her. My very last boy friend, and now husband, had gotten used to being hung up, when he was just about to say something romantic, because I was getting another call. But even he lost it one day, and just shouted out that I was more interested in breaking news than anything else. The other men in my life used to be complaining so big time, that it would take almost an entire post, to recount that episode.

Migration was again on the cards. Here I am again in a different city, this time in a different country. A new role, a new set of engagements, and reaffirmation of my identity as the ultimate migratory bird. From a buzzing cell phone all the time, to not using one for over a year, that's migration. From being on television every day, to just blankly staring at the television nowadays, that's migration. From festivals only meaning another day at work, to finally enjoying the Pujas and New Years for a change, that's migration. From writing for a living, to writing as a hobby, that's migration. From being someone, who always prided herself for being overtly independent, to being dependent, that's migration.

Roles keep changing,and priorities often de-prioritise, my identity as the migratory bird does remain strong. wonder whats the next role going to be.


  1. Its just the begining my migratory bird...just remember you have always had those wings...

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  3. very very nice ritz...i can totally relate to it. but what i loved the most was the way you started it, linking the birds to yourself. I myself have been a nomad all my life but it never occured to me to call myself a migratory bird and to term the changes in my life as migration. it always amazes me to see how you can find so many things to write about, and how each of those topics are written about with depth and feeling. But best of all is your ability to take those topics, relate them to yourself and make them so much more personal. You continue to inspire me to write everytime I read you.