In Harry Potter's world: Magic was surely in the air.

Harry Potter: the name of an experience itself, a different world almost. I have been a self confessed Potter freak since quite a long time. From reporting on J K Rowling's
paperbacks hitting the shelves, or Daniel Radcliffe appearing on the big screen again, to just enjoying reading and watching Harry for leisure, I am a Potter maniac.

From remembering which 'spells' mean what, as taught in the Hogwarts classrooms, to even initiating my husband in the famed world of Potter fans, I have been doing it all over the years. While watching television together, some time early last year, an ad had caught my eye,
I screamed out Potter rocks. Well, it was not about the latest Potter flick hitting the big screen, it was the World of Harry Potter created in Universal Studios in Orlando. The new Potter enclave was to open its doors to the public in June 2010. But we had already visited the Universal Studios in LA, so obviously, we would not be going to Orla ndo.Open and shut case.

It was a huge surprise when my husband presented me with the tickets to Florida in December last year, and added that this trip had been planned keeping in mind my excitement in seeing that ad last summer. I was floored. The man remembered all that.

Florida was experiencing an abnormal cold wave, the day we visited the Islands of Adventure, in Universal Studios. But nothing could deter my spirit. I was in Potter land.

As I walked into Hogsmeade , with the Hogwarts towers glistening in the pale sunlight,magic was surely in the air. It was one of the most memorable moment for any Potter fan, to finally see everythi
ng right in front of their eyes, which had seen so long on screen, or picturised in mymind after readings lines in black and white.

Howarts Express and the cheery conductor, were surely my first stop and I rushed to check out the timetable at the Hogsmeade Station.

Then it was just queues everywhere. What were so many queues for? Well, it was Potter mania in full bloom. From leading upto 'Dervish & Banges,' for supplies, to another upto 'Ollivanders,' people were just milling in.

The wind chill did not matter to anyone. The butter beer stands kept
enticing me. The lady at the 'Owl Post ( Post Office)' waved out , and the tapes were measuring a dress by themselves at
'Gladrags Wizardwear'. Was I dreaming or was I really living in the world of Potter...I rubbbed my eyes in disbelief.

Among the three
rides,we decided to head for the one situated in the castle itself: Harry Potter and the forbidden Journey. A huge queue greeted us here as well,and after more than an hour we entered the castle. Dumbledore was there in his office, telling us about Lord Voldermort, and how there was no Defence against the Dark Arts teacher. When finally within the Defence against the Dark arts class room, the all-familar trinity greeted us..Harry Potter, Ron Weasely and Hermione Granger. Granger was to sneak us all in, for a journey with Harry. Was I excited or not! The fat lady at the entrance of the Gryffindor common room, told us to hurry, and was already cheering for Potter. The 'sorting hat,' warned us of the Dementors roaming
in the Hogwarts grounds. And we were all set..seated, to journey with Potter. And boy o boy, what a journey it was. From being in a Quidditch match against Malfoy, to even facing the dragons, to coming face to face to Aragog, to feel the cool almost death like kiss of the Dementors..what a broom journey it was with Potter. I was almost wobbly after it. From shopping Potter merchandise to even quenching my butter beer cravings, I was doing it all. But when hunger took its toll on me, I decided to head straight for The Hog's Head, rather than The Three Broomsticks. Wanted to have a feel of the place where Dumbledore's army held their first meeting. The grand feast was such a huge spread, that four people had to struggle, and yet couldnt wipe the plates clean.

But somehow, it was not enough for me. I wanted more of it. So we again queued up for a special castle tour, and gazed and gaped to our heart's content.
The figures in the paintings were talking amongst
themselves, the Daily Prophet had a report on Harry's quidditch match, with Harry flying on the broomstick in the moving could almost touch the people in the pictures. I made my way for the second time through the all familiar classrooms and corridors of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizadry. Mesmerised is too small a word for the experience.

Children have their own fantasies. As I walked out of Hogsmeade, I realised that ad
ults too have their share of fantasies. Not all adult fantasies deal with the opposite sex, or fancy cars or fancy clothes.

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