Things to do before I am 30: Excerpts from my wishlist

Once I was dating a guy who had a cousin with a unique wish list..she wanted to sleep with 30, before she was 30. By the time I became acquainted with her, she was just about to touch 30, and still had that wish strongly imprinted on her mind. Quirky, may be not. Its all so relative. People and their wishlists. Nothing weird in them..even I have my own list of "to do before 30."

So what exactly does feature in my wish list..well..the list is so long. I have been updating my wish list over the years, and every
year I keep adding a lot more and deleting a few. And now when I sit down and try and remember my list of things to do before I hit 30, I dont
know where to begin.
Given the fact, what a die hard romantic I am, I always wanted to get into a love inspired matrimony before 30...I have done that!!!

Well let me resort to bullet points to summarize:
  • I want to have one..maybe two...maybe a few Louis Vuitton bags. Kehne mein kya harj hain. Pradas and Guccis, Burberrys and Coaches..and a lot more. 
  • Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos ..its after all a wish list.
  • Jackets in every possible colour..I am almost there,with jackets in brown, tan, beige, blue, violet, black , pink, green, already hanging in the closet.
  • Sarees from every state in thats a list which I have started updating..I love traditional stuff as welll..though only for occasions.
  • Denims ..denims and even more denims...I already have so many ..yet I want more, more and even more...after all they are my second skin.
Now all of these deal with retail for something different!

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  • Wake up under the Tuscan sun.
  • Romance is in my I want to go off on the very same trip, that Raj and Simran had been in DDLJ..filmi, I know, but come on, thats me. Very same trip on the Euro rail..Mount Titlis, Paris and all the European countryside in Bollywood style. I have been thinking of this trip ever since the time i watched the film for the first time...and i want to go for this trip before I hit that 30 mark in my life.
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  • Own a winery. So that I can sample, create and enjoy wines whenever I want. I can take a stroll all amidst the creepers, when I am blue and pensive.
  • Have no more weird 25 year olds being anywhere near the gentle giant. I have had enough trouble throwing out a couple of demented girls(A MBA student and an aspiring make up artist respectively, who had to be thrown out like plain rubbish..It was a tedious exercise)
  • Have my own house, which I can plan from even the foundation. a house with separate rooms for my clothes, separate rooms for my shoes and separate rooms for my bags..I am an avid shopper, I know. A house where all my dogs can run whatever they want. I will run that house as and how I want..not have people banging at my door to wake me up..uggghhhhhhhhh. Have a bevy of domestic helps who shall be catering to my all my petty but important needs, so that I dont have to slog and be servile.
  • Last but not the least....the most important wish ..get my career back on tracks...face the camera once again on prime time, as I used to. 


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    Nilanjan Ghosh: You should get your career back on track and face the camera on prime time but please do not straighten your hair for it.
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