Happy Halloween! I wanted to document how we decorated for Halloween this year and a blog post made perfect sense! I usually do not decorate for Halloween, but rather I do Fall-centric decor so that I don't have to change up everything before Thanksgiving! My daughter had been requesting that we do some Halloween decor, so I gave in! Ours is an open concept home, so it's trickier when it comes to planning decor. I decided to decorate our front entry-way and our dining sense in a Halloween theme, and the rest of the floor in a more Fall theme. 
For the Halloween part of the decorations, I wanted to use traditional Fall colors with the rusts and oranges and of course black. For the Fall part of the decoration, stay tuned for an upcoming blog post. I can tell you that the color scheme is slightly different. I did have a few Halloween pieces, some of which were DIYs by my daughter. The star of the show being a ceramic pumpkin she had made last year at school. 
So I thought of adding in a DIY element. I had seen DIY Bat decor at a blogger's friend's post - Midwestern Mama's DIY Halloween Bats. I decided to give it a try! I loved how it became a family project for us.  If you are interested to make these bats yourself, head below and I have outlined the steps. 

Tying in the whole bat theme, another item caught my eye - a Bat Wreath, which had been shared by another local blogger friend - Being Bethie. I found it at a clearance in my local Kirklands, which was a steal! 

The idea was to keep the decor which appealed a kid, and when she said she loved it, that was the best compliment. 


Things you need: 
Black Cardstock
White paper/white card stock 
Wall-safe tape

How to make the Bats: 
I used this template from . I scaled down the template to 75% and 50% to make bats of various sizes. Once I had printed the bats, I cut them out. 
Then I used those 3 different sizes as templates to trace out on the design. Then starts the cutting spree!

Once you cut out the bats, fold them in two different directions, to create a 3D effect. Then use wall safe tape, which I double looped to create a flight of bats! 
Loved how the project turned out, and how it became a fun family memory! Also, it's a very inexpensive decor idea for Halloween. Next year, maybe I will put these up on my mantel.  

Since I had been harping on how DIY was the theme, of our Halloween decor this year, I thought of sharing some pictures of the pumpkin carving and gourd painting, as well! Happy Halloween! 

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