The Coronavirus has clearly changed our concept of what is our normal, everyday life! Social distancing, working from home, and so much more. I know all that can be overwhelming and scary. Being a marketing professional by day and a blogger by night, I felt that this was the time, that I need to use my platform, and my skill set, to create 'value,' for my readers all around. So I thought of sharting a new series of "Things To Do While You Are Home."

The first installment of this series is - Self Care Edition.

As I have stated in the past, that self-care is an investment. No matter how busy you are juggling work and home, make sure you devote some time to yourself.  With all the social distancing, we are all isolated at home. But that doesn't mean we cannot use this time, to do things which are meaningful and fun. A pampering session or two, which all of you can do at home.

Here are some ideas for self-care when you are stuck at home:

Deep condition your hair :
Use coconut oil or a deep conditioner, you might already have in stock. Slather your hair with coconut oil and comb with a wide-toothed comb. Put on a shower cap and let it stay on for at least a couple of hours or overnight for best results. Shampoo normally with your sulfate, silicone-free shampoo and condition it normally. I have curly and colored hair and I can swear by this deep conditioning treatment.

 Give yourself an at-home mani-pedi:
I had been practicing a no-spend January and skipped my regular mani-pedi sessions and tried at-home nail care. I like to set up a station for myself, by getting all the supplies I might need. Then I tune into my favorite playlist and enjoy pampering myself.

Enjoy some tub time-shower time: 
Pour yourself a glass of wine, while you soak yourself in the tub, with some Epsom salt. Or break out the bath bomb. Or if a hot shower is your jam, do that. I call it water therapy and trust me, it works. bath times are pretty rushed. So with everything slowing down, it might be a good time to enjoy something as simple as uninterrupted bath time.

Keep up your fitness routine, by taking an online free fitness class:
For instance, the Peloton App is offering free classes, and no credit card information is required. Or do a dance exercise routine. Or how about a yoga routine with your little one. There are loads of free tutorials on Youtube, so take your pick.
Face Masks are a great idea: 
Most of us have some sort of face mask lying in our vanity. Be it a charcoal mask out of a tube, or clay mask out a tub or a sheet mask. Working from home, managing kids, and coming up with dinner and snack ideas can be quite a stress. So doing a mask night/evening every week could be a good idea. I am a big fan of cleansing masks.
Try an exfoliating scrub or make your own exfoliating scrub:
Ideally, I should have spoked about the scrub before I mentioned the face masks. But then again, this list is in no particular order. Many of us swear by our versions of a homemade exfoliating face or body scrubs. I have very dry and sensitive skin, so I have to be extra cautious about any exfoliating scrub. But I do love the idea of removing all the dead skin. If you wanted to try out, an example of a DIY exfoliating scrub includes 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of brown sugar, and 1 cup of olive oil.

I know most of us are working from home, and are having a digital overload. If we can have a digital detox, for at least 15 minutes to a half-hour, and meditate, it can help us tremendously. If you cannot do it every day, then at least do it every alternate day.

 Playtime with your pets:
Any time spent with pets is therapeutic, at least in my books. Spend this time, in going for long walks with them, or playing with them in your back yard. The fresh air in our lungs does wonders. Avoid crowded spots though.

Practice your makeup skills:
If you are into makeup and beauty, then this a good time to try out some new trends. Yes, at home. My productivity for work is higher when I get dressed and ready in the morning, rather than stay in my PJs. So when you get ready for the day, you could practice that new beauty tends that you had heard of, and wanted to try it out. For instance, I often get asked about my eyeliner routine, and how it doesn't budge even when I am running through a sprinkler. So Click Here, if you wanted to improve your gel eyeliner skills.

Get your beauty sleep:
Stress levels are high beyond doubt and our schedules are all awry. Which makes it all the more important to get optimal sleep.

Hoping all of you take good care of yourself, and together we will emerge out this stronger! 


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