Fashion Week is almost here,and I thought of doing something different this year. Usually I write about my Fashion Week experiences after I have covered them. This year, I thought of putting together, what I usually do to get ready for a week of fashion extravaganza.

I have been covering several International Fashion Weeks, for more than a decade. Perks of being a Journalist. Now that I am a Mom to a toddler, and a freelance journalist and blogger, time is always not my best friend, if its not planned well.  Kansas City Fashion Week, is all set for its 11th Season and I am proud and humbled to be there as Official Media. If you want to read about my previous experiences at KCFW, then click Here

Its a week of Fashion. Lets face facts. With my current lifestyle, and its demands, I cannot be there every one of the 7 days, as I earlier could. So I spend extra time in going through the schedules and designer lineups. That gives me a better understanding of which days I would like to attend. Then its time to RSVP and let the organizers know of the dates, you are interested in. They can accordingly have you on their list of attendees for the day .

Fashion Week is undoubtedly a huge networking event. You get to meet designers, models, industry professionals, PRs . So make sure you have your Business Cards Printed and your Networking Game Ready. Follow up on any leads you might have got at Fashion Week, or else you would have just wasted your time and everyone else's .

I like to network with local photographers or other Bloggers, so that we can do Outfit Photos for every day that I am planning to attend. If its another Blogger, we will do each other's outfit photos, having met a few hours before the shows start.

Arrange for a Baby Sitter or have your husband or partner balance his schedule, so that you are guilt free, in covering the shows.

Time to plan out your outfits. While there's no such said rule that you have to have a certain dress code, everyone wants to stand out in fashion Week. If yo attended that shows last season, try and think, which of the runway trends, you could translate to your current style. Let your creativity speak for itself in your outfit choices.

Then the time comes for the days of the actual shows or events. Get some rest or if you are like me, then you need to do what I do. I load up on my caffeine and my concealer. Being a Mom does have its perks, but also means that dark circles and lack of sleep are a common aspect of your life.

Once at the shows, first of all make sure , you are enjoying doing what you are doing. Time for trend spotting, loads of networking, a drink or two with your favorite girls and loads more.

1. DSLR Camera , extra set of batteries, and my Phone.
2. A large handbag, as I pack too many things.
3. A showy clutch or smaller handbag, for your Outfit pictures.
4. My Flat Shoes, as I am no longer a high heels person, and the walk to the parking lot in fancy shoes, is not a good idea. Another reason why I need a large handbag is that it allows me to stuff in comfy flats.
5. Makeup (in case I need to touch up)
6. Business Cards
7. Notebook and pen, as I like to take notes sometimes on trends on the runway, or if I do a quick Designer Interview


7. Last but not the least, a positive self and a big smile.

Stay tuned to the Blog for the upcoming season of Kansas City Fashion Week, as I carry on with my coverage.

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