Valentine's Day is just around the corner. The day doused in 50 shades of Red and Pink and all things Passion. The reservations are made, and the gifts are in place, baby sitters are booked in. A Date Night with your significant other. February 14th in all its glory . My plans are similar to some extent. But its my pans for the evening before, which I thought I might chat up about .

Galentines' Day . February 13th. A day dedicated to your girl gang. Amy Poehler, might have coined the fancy moniker in Parks and Recreation, but the tradition of spending a dedicated to your friends, has been around. Honoring friendship, is always a special tradition.

If I was hosting a Galentine's Day Party for my Girlfriends, here's what I would do :

1. Dress Code : Red and Pink

2. Candles, Flowers , Confetti :
Setting the right mood for any party is a sure shot way of making your guest feel comfortable. Twinkling lights of the aromatic candles set around the room, pretty flowers and even some confetti, will have your guests in the right spirit soon enough.

3. "Hey Mr. DJ, put on the Music."
Which party is complete with music. And when its a night for your girl friends, let the Power Ladies of Music tak eover. Adele, Queen Bey, or  even the Spice Girls for a trip down memory lane.

4. Think Pink, when it comes to Something to Drink :
Virgin : Pink Lemonade
Alcoholic : Pink Champagne on Ice(Yes,she said it ), Raspberry Martini

5. A dessert table with the sweetest treats.
Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate is never a bad idea. Champagne pairs pretty well, with a chocolate covered strawberry, if you didn't know. And for a doughnut loving soul like me, its the perfect evening.

6. Cue up my favorite Romantic Movies on the TV. Netflix and Chill can be a favorite for a Gilrs Night In.

7 . DIY SPA and Mani Pedi Stations for my favorite girls.
Biting into some chocolate covered strawberries, sipping on some Bubbly, watching the chocolate boys on the TV and having a spa date at home. It all sounds too good, right.

8. Last but not the least , engaging in some face to face conversation. Catching up. In today;s world of calls being by speedy texts, meet ups being replaced by Face Time, meeting up with friends in person, is very precious and much needed.

9. Or you could play dress up and hit the hottest spots in town, with the best Wing women, that your always treasure.

Have a lovely time ladies !

Pictures by : Debashish Dasgupta 

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