So I jumped the Subscription Box Bandwagon finally. The July Play ! by Sephora Box is my third installment of it. And I must add, I am enjoying it so far. With all my travelling, the Reviews had been absent form the Blog, as to how I was liking the subscription boxes. Let me start with July and then I will catch up the past boxes in upcoming posts.

Summer is on in full swing. And every season has its own set of Dos and Don'ts when its comes to Beauty.

The Play ! by Sephora Boxes have a different theme every month. If June 2016, was 'The Minimalists,' then July 2016 is 'Effortless'. Every product handpicked din the box carried forward the spirit of "Effortless"ness.

The Play ! by Sephora Box Subscription is for $10 plus taxes every month. Mine usually reaches me a bit late. Hoping it reaches sooner every month.

Now for the PRODUCTS :

The first product is the BEAUTY BLENDER BLOTTERAZZI :

If you thought that Blotting papers were your best friend to dull out all that extra shine on your face, this product will make you think differently. The makers of the legendary Beauty Blender, bring for you another a Cushion Blotter. This is washable and re-usable. So no need to purchase stashes and stashes of blotting paper for the Summer months. Its small enough to go into your purse. Its unique tear drop design has been formulated to fit into the contours of your face to control shine and absorb oil ,without removing your makeup.It comes with a single use pouch of the Beauty Blender Cleanser. Its recommended that you wash the Blotterazzi at least once a week.

Its made from the same material that your Beauty Blender has been made, so can double up to help with smoothing out your make up through out the day.

A word of caution: Do not wet your Blotterazzi like you would wet your Beauty Blender. Use it dry.

It retails for $20


I am not much a fan of Bronzers. But as I tend to tan easily during Summer, I feel the Bronzers help me , in creating a uniform glow, rather than the patchy tans I tend to get.

Hoola by Benefit is an iconic Bronzer which has been on the favorites list of every Beauty Addict worth her/his salt. Imagine, Hoola in liquid form. Its light weight and shimmer free which makes it  much more wearable on an everyday basis. It creates a warm glow, which can be played up or played down. If you use a brush, then you would get the most intense color pay off. A beauty Blender gives it a medium color pay off and if used with fingers , then it creates a subtle glow. A little product goes a long way. Use it on area where you naturally tan. I used it on my forehead, below the cheek bones, along the nose and along my decolletage.

I used my fingers to achieve a subtle glow.

The full size retails for $28


I am  a big fan of First Aid Beauty. I have sensitive and dry skin. The products of this line are hypoallergenic and suit me well. Their cleansers are very gentle and do not cause my skin to dry out or break out. Cleansers can be tricky on skin. Its paraben free and fragrance free. It has a light whipped texture, which transforms into creamy lather. Gel cleansers are a favorite of mine, I quite liked the product.

Its a great size for travel.

The full size retails for $20


I don't do much of Primers either. And oil free products tend to dry me out. Did  I mention, my skin is super dry. The product claims that its meant for normal to dry skin, but I feel it does better for people with normal skin. Apply a small amount of primer to your cleansed and moisturized face, to extend the life of your make up. Strat from your T-Zone and extend outwards .Let it set for a minute or two before you apply your foundation.

Its very light weight and can prevent your make up from looking too cakey.

The full size retails for $49


Give me a product which lets me style my hair without heat and I all set to try it out. I love me some beachy waves in Summer, and am always on the lookout for light weight products. Having natural curls, I don't like products which weigh my hair down.

This Wave Spray is lightly scented. You can use it on wet or dry hair and scrunch it up to create effortless waves. It did not weigh my hair down when I used it on wet hair. However it did not create any dramatic waves. Comparable to many drug store wave sprays.

Make sure you shake the bottle well, before use.

The full size retails for $26


I am not much of  fan of fruity scents. I am more of a florals kind of girl. So my least favorite product of the box was the Perfume Vial.

Its a mix of Fruity and Florals.  Notes of Lotus and freesia blend with notes of citrus. Why mix fruity notes with florals? Maybe it works for some.

The full size retails for $68

Now the question is which of these samples am I going to purchase Full Sizes of? Or Which were my favorites from the July Box ?

To be very honest, I think, I will pick up another Blotterazzi, as that product is the winner in this box. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer is the other product, from the box , that I shall purchase a full size of.

Happy Playing !

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