Its Summer again and  I just cant help of a lovely Summer vacation we had in Alaska some years ago. My Blog was a food blog which I later re-branded as a Lifestyle Blog. As a result only 1% of my Travels are chronicled in the blog. While we have been kind enough to always share our travel advice and experiences to all those who wanted to travel, I realized it was high time, I also started chronicling it for my readers. Just in case anyone else was planning a trip and could find our travelogues useful.

Our Alaskan adventure was planned by my husband Debashish Dasgupta. The way he can plan a trip is something not everyone can do, at the drop of a hat. When our itineraries are copied over and over again, I think that's a great compliment.

I shall try and chronicle our daily adventures in Alaska in separate posts so that none of you are confused.

DAY 1:
We arrived the night before and after we were driving out of the covered car park of the rental car offices at Anchorage Airport, the twin rainbows and sunshine at 10:45 pm was something which was truly amazing. Yes, Alaskan Summers have sunshine till 12 am and the sun sets only for a couple of hours. I know Norway is called the Land of Midnight Sun, but the same applies to Alaska as well. Coming from the Midwest, this was indeed a pleasant shock, despite all our research about. Reading about something and actually experiencing it, is something very different.

We were staying at Anchorage for the first night. Day 1 began with a little bit of sightseeing in downtown Anchorage. We parked our car and walked around, exploring and soaking in the Alaskan sunshine.

We were hungry and during any travel , I think my appetite multiplies. does it happen to you? We try to eat either local favorites or specialities rather than looking for the nearest McD or Asian or Indian restaurant. I think there's no point in travelling, if you cant enjoy the local food. i do have a dedicated post about our Alaskan Eating Out . If you want to read about it, then click Here. We also did have our share of Misadventures in Alaska, which you can read Here.

REINDEER SAUSAGES at the Downtown Deli. Its an iconic eatery in downtown, and is currently closed after being in business for 28 years. Some of the favorites include Reindeer Sausages, Reindeer Stew, wild Alaska Salmon log on bagels with cream cheese, and Sourddough pancake starter handed down from the original mining families of the area.

Brunch done we continued our exploring and found ourselves at the Anchorage Market &Festival which had quite an array of locals crafts and did I mention more food. We found ourselves lingering at the Totem sellers and found one which would fit in our bags to bring home to Kansas City.Handcrafted Ulu Knives, birch syrup, local jam, Alaska themed Tshirts and more Reindeer sausage and funnel cakes were being sold by the various vendors.

Me and dogs are never far away. Could not help but stop to cuddle an amazing Alaskan Malamute.

Farmers Market and Art fairs have their share of folks, and I could not help but notice this gentleman in a fur trapper's attire.

Then it was time to drive along Seward Highway . Turnagain Arm and Beluga Point. We did wait for a long time, but no Belugas were in sight. Turnagain Arm is a waterway into the northwestern Gulf of Alaska. Its known for its mudflats along the coastline which is quite an unique feature.

A few short hikes along the coastline and then we drove to the Explorers Glacier Stop and Portage Lake. Portage Glacier is located in the Kenai Plateau and is a part of the Chugach National Forest. Its located south of Portage Lake.

Time to head to Prince William Sound.

There is something about the mountain air. It makes you feel hungry so often. Slurped a bowl full of Mussels cooked in white wine, at a local road side restaurant. The china was chipped, but the food was good. That broth, I cold have by the gallon.

Bellies full we headed to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Its located in Portage along the Seward Highway. Its home to so many rescued animals. As someone who has rescued and homed so many abandoned dogs and cats in all the cities I have lived in, this Conservation Center was really great to be at.

As tiredness started to creep in, we made our way back to Anchorage. Chilkoot Charlie(now Koot's) was our destination. We had heard enough of this iconic Alaskan dive bar. There are four different rooms which you could take your pick of. Loved the gigs and the crowd was great. What better way to unwind after all the driving and travelling. But before I could finish my drink, my handbag went up in flames. Yes, literally. There was a tealight on the table, which I didn't realize had started burning up my handbag. Luckily I was able to retrieve my purse, before losing the new golden and shinny handbag. The Fashion Blogger in me, still misses that bag.

Stay tuned to the Blog for my next few posts detailing our Alaska Adventures.

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