As I start scribbling this, its just a few hours left for the year to end. Seriously, how fast did this year just roll by. I want to take this opportunity to Thank You all for extending your support to me for another year. This blog is a labor of love,which is fueled by the support and appreciation I get from all of you. All the support and all the love mean the world to me. Its been another year of active blogging and the blog was honored to be part of so many wonderful journeys and so many collaborations. A BLOG AWARD was such a high point. Thanks for being there by my side. I promise the next year to be even better.

On a personal front, this has been a year of highs and lows. But I choose to think about the Highs this morning. My daughter RIONA sailed through her much hyped Terrible Twos. And while it was challenging at times no way was it Terrible. Spirited would be a better word. From her pre-school runs with her to accompanying her on her activities , it was a great year of Mommy-Daughter bonding. From the family front, we enjoyed some major vacations. In fact I am scribbling this post from the last vacation of this year. A huge Thank You to my husband for making the times so special for us. Last, but not the least, I became and Aunt just a few weeks back. My younger brother is the world for me. While he is a married man now, he shall always remain my baby brother. So when he became a Dad, I was over the moon. Welcome to our family RAINA. Mommy and Baby are both doing fine. So, now we have two QUEENS in the family. RIONA means QUEEN in IRISH(GAELIC) and RAINA means QUEEN in FRENCH.

Enough of personal ramblings. Coming back to discussion about New Year Eve parties. Seemed like yesterday that we were getting ready for a NYE party and its time for another one. If  you are planning to host a party at home for friends and family, you must be having your hands full. I have hosted NYE parties at home for years, so I completely understand. The last moinute touches to all the food the cocktail in the pitcher, cooling off in the fridge and you rush to get your hair and make up done in your bedroom, while the toddler is having a field day. What I feel is that, when it comes to parties at home, , its the classics which never go out of style. You can always rely on that slinky LBD and some red lips. Carrying on the red trail, you can never be let down by the classic Bloody Mary. Your guests will love it and you will enjoy it yourself. Neither does it need a zillion ingredients like some other cocktails, nor does it shy away from packing a punch. I love teh fact that you can play around with it a lot. A few days back, I saw an episode on a Food show, where they added fresh oyester brine, or oyester juice in the place of salt, to a Bloody Mary, to give it a sea food kick. That's a nice idea. Coming back to the classic Bloody Mary, its a fool proof recipe, which will clearly make you the star of the show.

So if you are planning to spin it out for the New Year Eve party tonight, here's how the recipe rolls.


Vodka: 2 oz
Tomato Juice: 4 oz
Horseradish(grated or prepared): 2 tsp
Celery Stick : 1 per glass(for serving)
Tabasco: 1-2 dashes(depending on your heat level)
Lime juice: 1 tsp
Paprika: A pinch
Black Pepper: A pinch
Salt or Celery Salt
Lemon Wedge : 1

Rub a wedge of lemon along the rim of the glass and dip it in a plate of slat or celery salt.

Fill the glass with ice.

In a shaker, mix all the other ingredients. Fill it ice. Shake the ingredients together and strain over the salt rimmed serving glass.

Garnish with a celery stick and serve .

Cheers and Bon Appetit !! Happy New Year !!

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