Yes, a MAC Haul has just happened. And from the expressions on my face, surely are that of  a Kid in a  Candy Store. Hauls are always exciting,but they become more exciting when they are sudden and totally unplanned. I had to repair a pair of Raybans so needed to head to the nearest Sunglass Hut. Seems like the closest one was housed in a neighboring Macy's. And that Macy's had a MAC Counter which stays open, till 10 pm. Town Center, Leawood.

Before I go into the Haul, I want to rant a bit. I have always appreciated the attitude and helpfulness of MAC associates, be it at the Pro-Stores or at the Counters. But on this instant I was pleasantly surprised. The lady probably was having a bad day, if I want to giver her a benefit of doubt. She seemed reluctant to show me the lipsticks I was talking about. Half the things, she said, she could not find the testers of. And then came the final blow. I had heard of the new Foundation launched by MAC but had not tried it. So asked her for a Color Match and a sample. She seemed to repeat everything I said, as if she was having trouble understanding me. And trust me, I have never faced that problem ever. My accent is very neutral and I have been a television reporter for years,where million have understood what I have been talking about. She merely asked me what shade I was in Face and Body Foundation. I mentioned C2. So she just picked a sample of NC20 from the new foundation, without even matching it to me. Maybe she is talented enough to gauge the color of my skin and my undertone, but I have seen anyone not actually doing a color match. The reason why you trust professional brands over drugstore brands, is that you get personal consultations. And I have shopped several times at this particular counter and some lovely ladies have helped me a lot. So I was more shocked at this kind of a behavior. Hope its not repeated next time.

So lets get ahead with all that I tried on and all that I picked up from MAC. I am a C2 in MAC Face and Body Foundation, with a warm undertone. I have tried to include selfies which I took while trying out the colors, which might help you gauge how the colors look on a tone and undertone like mine.


My first choice had to be REBEL. I have been lusting for this color since the Spring of 2012. But I have shopped galore at MAC, but somehow Rebel always missed my shopping cart. i and first tried out Rebel at the MAC PRO STORE in Country Club Plaza. The ladies there had told me that it had to be signature color. But somehow I kept putting it off, feeling it was just a Fall color. Yes, its one of those classic Fall colors ,but you can surely use it all round the year. A classic and a keeper for sure.

Rebel is one of those classic MAC shades which look good on everyone. Its insanely pigmented and a single layer will take you through the night. I usually pair with my NighMoth Lipliner. Its creamy in consistency and does not drag on the lips. Its one of the classic berry shades for me, and is very opaque.

Color Description: Pink Plum
Finish: Satin


I wanted to try out a new pink, and had a long list on hand. But it seemed I knew more of MAC shades of Pink than the lady at the counter.

The first PINK  I tried out was SPEED DIAL.

Color description: Blue based pink with a golden sheen
Finish: Cremesheen

I like Cremesheen finishes as they are very motoring. But for me, the color pay off wasn't that great. It seemed pretty sheer on my lips. Its a nice Summer shade which could be perfect for day wear. personally I was looking for a pink with slightly more color payoff. It looked like your lips-but-better kind of colors for me.


Little Buddha is one of the newest colors to be launched and among the ones I tried. It tended to lean more on the peachy side and I had my eyes set on a another peachy shade. I wanted almost a true pink to add to my collection. It had a great color payoff and maybe I will pick it up on my next visit. Its a part of the 15 new shades launched in the asian inspired collection.

Color description: peachy Pink
Finish: Cremesheen Pearl


I had been wanting to try out SYRUP  and PLUMFUL for a long time. But the lady at the counter, with her unwillingness to show me colors and options, could not find SYRUP in the testers. So she handed me a bullet of PLUMFUL. It was nice and creamy but again didn't woo me that much. Maybe I needed to check out SYRUP for myself. Both these colors are said to be pretty similar so i wanted to try out both back to back, told decide which one to but. So as the other one was not around, i decided in skipping picking them


FLAMINGO is another shade of which the lady at the counter could not find the tester bullet. By this time, she had already tested y patience a lot. This particular shade used to be a Limted Edition shade but has now been made a part of the permanent collection. Beauty Bloggers around the world are running to get themsleves one, and I knew I had to jump the bandwagon. Yes, this was the peachy shade I had my eyes on. I took a leap of faith and pick dup the bullet, without trying it on. Its my first Lustre finish lipstick and from my first impression, its pretty sheer.

Color Description: Light Milky bright Coral
Finish: Lustre


Finally the Pick which came home with me was STAR MAGNOLIA.  Honestly speaking I had never heard of this Pink from anyone and just randomly picked it up from the rack. It was a blue tined pink and somehow I have a thing for blue toned lip colors.It had just the right color payoff and was a nice bubble gum pink. I am surely going to be wearing  lot of it, in the last few days of Summer.

Next on my list are surely SYRUP, SNOB, MEHR and another round of PATISSERIE and CREME CUP.

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