Red Lipsticks are an instant Pick Me Up. Red Lipsticks are always the Biggest Statement. Red lipsticks are Iconic. Red Lipsticks are Pin Up. Red Lipsticks are Old School Charm. Red Lipsticks are my favorite. And now to pick the favorite among the favorites.

I come from a family where every Lady has had an love story with the Red Lipstick. I have growing up, seeing both my Grandmoms dab on their share of Red Lipstick, even when they were taking the toddler Grandkids out for a Circus or a day at the Zoo. My Mom rocks the Red lip like no other. I still remember how I had tried my hands on Red Lipstick for the first time. Well, thats how I thought I was trying my hands on. I had literally demolished her favorite Revlon Red, in an attempt to paint my whole face with it. Gosh I should have had that picture. It would have been just apt for this post.

My favorites range from the High End to the Drugstore. There are Reds for Different occasions. Red for different skin Tones. And Didi mention Reds for different Moods. Red moods to be romantic. Reds which help us give vent to our pent up anger. yes, The Red is always there.

From Mattes, to Glosses, from Creme Sheen to Amplified,from Frost to Retro Matte, the choices are endless,when it comes to the formula.

While Red Lipsticks can offer instant glam, they also need some Prep Work. If your lips are dry, and patchy, make sure you Exfoliate them before you apply red lipstick. Apply some Lip balm on your lips while you do your make up on the rest of your face. And before you are about to apply Lipstick, wipe off the LipBalm with a wash cloth. This will remove the dry flaky skin and give you a smooth base to work on. Apply a Red Lipliner to not only line your lips but also to fill them in. Red Lips tend to feather off beyond the lips. By filling in with the Lip Liner, your lipstick will not Bleed and even if the lipstick fades the lip liner will be there. Or you could use some concealer in a thin brush and line the lips from outside, to prevent the Red lips from bleeding. They also help in clean up, if you feel your hands were shaky while applying the lipstick from the bullet.

Now for the favorites :

RUBY WOO by MAC Cosmetics :
Every Make-Up Junkie or Beauty blogger will swear by it. Its a blue toned Red and is what is called True Red. This will make your teeth look whiter. A red lipstick which flatters every possible skin tone. I have gone through a few of these over the years and will probably always have it in my stock. My eternal favorite. Its a retro matte and many find it to be very dry. But I guess thats were some of its sex appeal lies.

 LADY DANGER by MAC Cosmetics:
Another Matte from MAC Cosmetics. Its a Orangey Red. If you want a variation in your bright red lip, then this a great choice. It was a cult color a couple of years back, with every Pro-Store literally selling out all its stock. Its one of those colors, which only the MAC pro Stores carry and not your usual department store counter. Its Matte lipstick as well. Some how reds always look better in Mattes.

Created by the legendary Ru Paul, this lipstick  is my go-to Fall Red. Its no surprise that I love my Mattes when it come stop Reds,and this is no exception. Its a dark Burgundy Toned Red. Its vampy yet understated.

Speaking of drug store favorites, the first red which come stop mind is Cherry Picking by Wetn'nWild. As compared to the $16 MAC Cosmetics Lipsticks, this is priced at a couple of dollars. Its a lovely Raspberry Red. Its a Matte formula but coming at the price that it comes, it has a great color pay off.  The only complaint is that its somewhat overtly drying. So if you are planning to wear this color, make sure your lips are well moisturized. But it stays put for hours at a stretch when applied over some lipliner.

Kate Moss's collaboration  with Rimmel has two collections: One in the Red Bullets and one in the Black bullet. Number 107 from the Red Bullet collection is Dark Red. It's almost a drug store dupe for VIVA Glam 1 by MAC Cosmetics. Its a Creamy Matte and not at all drying. It has a good color pay off and lasts for a good amount of time. But this lipstick has a tendency to bleed.

Coming back to High end Lipsticks, something I discovered recently were the Legendary Lipsticks by Smashbox. The shade Legendary is what caught my eye the first. I have the used the sample size from the Holiday collection of 2014, which I had got as a gift. Its the perfect size to take in your purse for touch ups at a party. The consistency is smooth, and the pigmentation is also good. Its a brand which I am pretty new to, but has impressed me, nevertheless. Their website claims its a True Red,but its no way close to what Ruby Woo being True Red is. The consistency is Silky Matte. I may even go ahead to purchase the full size version.

FLAME by Covergirl
This is a Creamy formula from Covergirl and was apart of their Summer 2013 collection. The color pay off isnt great and  the lip color doesn't last for long. Its a Orangey Red. Its for those days when you want to wear a Red,but want to keep your look toned down. Its a lipstick which you can wear and not worry much about colorless patches on your lips when the lipstick has faded. I usually have it in my bag when i am on the run with a toddler across town.

So go ahead,and pick out your favorite. There's a Red for everyone, you just need to go out and look for it. And don't feel disheartened if you don't find it right away. Keep exploring.

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