Roasted Cornish Hen with Homestyle Garlic Bread


Having had to cut down on our reds big time, we have had to settle with the whites. The blandness of the whites are in no way any match to the full bodied reds, but we are left with no choice. So we raise all our toasts to the whites. Now we have had to think which wines to pair with the whites. Well, I was not talking of wines for so long, if any of you thought I was. We love our meat, needless to say. And with having to cut down our red meat, I was talking of our adjustment with the birds now.

Chicken is something which is cooked in so many different ways in the Dasgupta household, and as Deb says, one can never go wrong with chicken. From curries to grilling, from fries to roasts, name it , and we have almost made it at home. I remember after an early dinner outside,sometime early last year, we were hungry around midnight. So my Iron Chef, impromptu got the grill going, and we were munching away to glory on some succulent white meat. All this in the middle of night.

After having a whole lot of healthy veggie meals, Deb picked up a couple of Cornish hens, and roasted them just perfect. I never knew white meat tasted so well, till I dug into the lil birdies.

Deb's Roasted Cornish Hen with Homestyle Garlic Bread:


Cornish Hens: 2
Shrimp: 10
Bell pepper: 1/2
Pearl Onions: 10
Olive oil
Italian seasoning
Sugar: 2 tbsp
Lemon'n' pepper seasoning
Rotisserie chicken seasoning
Colby Jack cheese cubes
Butter: 2 tbsp
White Bread slices: 4-5
Garlic cloves: 2-3


Make a mixture of salt, sugar and Italian seasoning with enough water to immerse the birds.
Brine the hens in this solution around half an hour.
Get the birds out of the water,and dab them with kitchen tissue. Use a hair dryer to dry out the moisture off the birds.
Rub olive oil generously on the birds, and then rub lemon'n' pepper and rotisserie chicken seasonings, and salt. If you do not have rotisserie chicken seasoning, then use any poultry seasoning you have at home.
Season the cleaned prawns with salt and lemon pepper seasoning.
Clean the pearl onions, and chop the bell pepper.
Stuff the hens with the seasoned shrimps, chopped bell pepper and pearl onions, b
utter and cheese cubes.
Pre heat the oven to 400 F.
Place the birds on a big baking dish allowing space in between the birds, so as to cook well.
Cook the birds for an hour or till they are done, or till the juices run clear.
Get the baking dish out of the oven and lightly tent it with foil, allowing it to rest for around for 10 minutes.
In the meantime, season the bread slices with a dash of olive oil, salt and Italian seasoning and toast according to preference. Cut a garlic clove in half and rub it on the toasted bread well.

Simply enjoy white meat roasted to perfection with super tasty garlic bread. Home food does rock, doesn't it.

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