I rarely switch up my hair care routine, but I decided to give some new products a try recently. One of them was Maple Holistics Argan Oil Shampoo. I have been using Sulfate Free Products for my hair for years now, so am often sceptical to try out new things. Maple Holistics got in touch with me, asking me, if I wanted to try some of their products.

My Hair is dry, curly, frizzy, colored and also long. Its almost a lethal combination for me, to manage. But being sulfate free, for all these years, has made such a significant difference to the quality of my hair. Maple Holistics, as the name suggests is a natural and holistic beauty brand, with a range of products for both skin care and hair care. Their products are available on their Website and on Amazon. All their products are :
                                    Cruelty Free
                                    Sulfate Free
                                    All Natural
                                   Made in the USA
                                   Safe for Color 
I was confused as to which Shampoo would work for me, so I sought the help of Maple Holistics,  for their suggestions. They suggested their Argan Oil Shampoo.   
The packaging was sleek and very travel friendly. Argan Oil Shampoo is a blend of 6 different kinds of oils and other natural ingredients. The star of the show is surely Argan Oil, as the name suggests, which is also known as Moroccan Oil. Its has been a cult ingredient where hair care is concerned for the last few years, so it was good to jump into the fad.

Argan Oil Shampoo claims to :
Build Thick, Srong, Lustrous Locks 
Nourish Hair and Scalp
Rejuvenate hair for softer tresses
Moisturizes for hydrated softened hair
Has the potential to repair damaged, dry, brittle hair 
Can aid in stopping hair loss 
Helps make hair more manageable. 
How much of these claims does it live up to ?

Its literally 1/4th the price of the Salon Profession Sulfate Free Shampoo I use for my color treated hair. So it was nice to come across a quality hair care product at such a price point. Its lightly scented which is quite pleasant. I have pretty long hair, and I was surprised that a little of this shampoo goes a long way. It lathers up pretty well, and left my hair clean, without over drying it. My hair was soft and moisturized and did not feel weighed down. Argan Oil Shampoo is great for all types of hair. My husband tried it out too, and his hair is very different from mine. His hair is thick, and not colored. He stated that his hair felt soft and clean after he had used it, a few times. I like a product which both of us can use. Makes the shower caddy less cluttered.Finally, my hair color hadnt faded or become brassy. It wa sgentle on my dry , frizzy and colored hair, yet kept it clean.

Maple Holistics is an example of Beauty with a Cause. For every Argan Oil Shampoo bottle sold, Maple Holistics will donate $1 to The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  

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