Television has its own way of invoking memories. A few months back, I chanced upon a new Food Show from India - Raja, Rasoi aur Anya Kahaniya(Kings, Kitchen and other stories) on Netflix. The first episode focused on Rajasthan. And what food show about Rajasthan is complete without Laal Maas. It invoked memories of my trip to Jaipur(Rajasthan) years back and all its culinary memories. As I always say, my Husband is a good listener, while I am more of the talker in our family. He hasnt been to Rajasthan, and we got talking on how we should try to include it , in one of our India trips.

He surprised me the next weekend, by cooking up a batch of the best tasting Laal Maas I have eaten.

Laal Maas is a traditional Rajasthani Mutton Recipe, which is known for its fiery red curry. Its cooked with a special kind of dried Red Chillies(Mathaniya Chilies), and some very unique spices . I had tasted Laal maas before, for instance, but I had never heard of the spice called Khachri , which is a major ingredient in this curry. Its not only a meat tenderizer, but adds a slight tang to the gravy. So dont over do on it.  The gravy is rich yet silky. Its looks bright red, but the chilies add more to the flavor profile and aroma, rather than just being single tonal hot and spicy. Its slow cooked which infuse the flavors better into the meat. If you rush with your goat curry, you will only land up with tough meat. My Husband braises his Goat Curries, in a large stock pot, at 350F in a pre-heated oven. We have no access to the traditional Mathaniya Chilies, which makes the dish famous. He substituted them with Kashmiri Red Chilies, which are not as hot. Another important feature is that this Goat cUrry is cooked without Tomatoes. Most Indian Goat Curry recipes use tomatoes, while this doesn't.

I am a Bengali Foodie and gourmand, so for me or my Husband, we will always add Potatoes, to any Goat or Chicken Curry. We love our carbs with our meat.

Laal Maas has a broad recipe framework, which has been adapted by many different ways, by the many famous kitchens of Rajasthan. The balance of spices, and the final proportions shall always vary according to the individual Chef. This is my Husband's interpretations of Laal Maas We love it, and I really hope that you love it too.


Ingredients : 
Red Onion : 1 large : finely chopped
Dried Kashmiri Chilies : 5 to 7
Cumin Seeds : 1 tsp
Coriander Seeds : 1 tsp
Whole Garam Masala : Mace, Green Cardamom, Cinnamon Stick, Clove , Black Pepper
Goat Meat / Lamb : 1 lb . Skinless and cubed
Khachri Powder : 1 cup
Clinatro Leaves : 1/2 handful : finely chopped.


Dry Grind the Khachri to a fine powder.

Finely Chop Onions, ginger, garlic.

Dry Roast the Kashmiri Chilies, Coriander and cumin seeds. Cool and dry grind to a fine powder.

In a stock pot, saute the chopped ginger and garlic.

Add in the goat pieces and stir well. Season with salt.

Mix in the Khachri Powder.

Add in the chopped onions.

Mix in the dry roasted spice mix.

Add in hot water to cook the goat. Cover and Cook

In a cheese cloth, add in whole garam masala - green cardamom, mace, whole black pepper, cinnamon and clove. Add it to the gravy. Cover and cook, till meat is tender.

Before serving, remove the cheese cloth spice package and mix in finely chopped cilantro(coriander leaves) .Serve, with warm Naan .

Bon Appetit !


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