Day 3 in Alaska . we woke up pretty early in the most dreamiest of Cabins. The gurgling of the brooks as they wound their way around the rocks, the mist which was settling in, through the sunlight. Words cant do justice to how romantic the experience was. McKinley Creek Side Cabins is located very close to the gates of Denali National Park.  My man knows how to pamper his lady at a vacation and planning this stay was enough proof of that.

We had picked up our Food the evening before when we were driving to the Denali area.

Booked on the first bus, leaving for (Denali)Mount McKinley from the bus depot at Denali National Park. Our Car was parked for the day at the adjoining Parking Lot at the Park and we queued up to ride. If you are planning a day at Denali, make sure you have made prior bookings for a place at one of the buses. The buses leave at intervals from the first visitor center at the bus depot but they don't accept bookings on arrival. Beyond the Savage River Check Point, private cars are not allowed.

There are 4 different kinds of Buses to avail at Denali National Park of varying time and distances. We had availed the Shuttle Buses, which allowed us to disembark/board anywhere along the road.

It was foggy and cloudy and was drizzling all along. When there are mountains in question, and one peak(Denali - formerly Mt. McKinley)  in particular you are interested in, clouds and fog can really be a dampener. 6 million acres of land, and one road running through out. Starting from Snowy Mountains, to the Alpine Vegetation and down to the Taiga and low valleys.

Wildlife sightings are common but not guaranteed. The Bus driver will stop the bus when she/he sights any wildlife on either side. Or if you have spotted any wildlife, make sure you let the driver now. But please never shout out. A Mama Grizzly and her two Cubs were strolling by the Taiga , for our bus to make its first stop and to have everyone pull their binoculars out.

Polychrome Overlook and Stony Hill Overlook were our designated stops after the initial wildlife stop.

It was time for the Eielson Visitor Center. From here, you need to change buses to head to Wonder Lake and Denali .

If the sky is clear, then you can have a clear view of America's tallest peak, Denali(formerly Mt McKinley) from the view point here. But if you have the cloud cover for company then that's it. Denali is the highest peak in North America with an elevation of 6190 ft.

If you ever thought, how heavy can Antlers be? Then you need to have a word with the Man. I could not even lift it and he swears how it was almost a work out in itself. These discarded antlers of reindeer, moose. elk are left at the Outdoor Viewing Gallery of the Eielson Visitor Center for the visitors to have a hands on experience.

The Mama Bear might not have been obliging to pose for the shutterbugs but Mama Moose surely was in a mood to oblige the flash bulbs going crazy.

And so was Madam Gull !

It was a wonderful day of Hiking, exploring at one of the largest National Parks in the World. So in love with the jaw dropping views all around.

It was a drive back to Anchorage for a quick 4th of July dinner . When there is sunlight till 12 or 1 am, there were no fireworks.

Most of the restaurants downtown were closed for business except for a few pubs. Some Martinis to chase ,some juicy  burgers and creamy slaw at the Rumrunner's Old Town Bar & Grill . Sadly enough, even this eatery is closed. Whats with our trip and so many of the eateries we had been to, now being closed.

It was time to head to our stay for the night and plan for the last day ahead.

Must add, that I was feeling a bit sad , that we were exactly at the last leg of our Alaskan Adventure.

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