Being Official Media for Kansas City Fashion Week's Fall Winter 2016 showcase, I was paired with Designer Khai Hutchinson of The House of Khai for an exclusive interview. We sat down for a       tete- a -tete right after his debut show. The house of Khai was the finale designer of the Charity Night of Kanss City fashion Week Fall Winter 2016.

Here are excerpts of our conversation.

Journospeak : What has been your inspiration for this collection? 
Khai: The post Punk era has been my inspiration.The post sex pistols era. I love the era and it plays a big part in my aesthetic. I have spent my growing up years in Germany for my father's military career. I have seen the youth and their clash with the police. My collection is almost a rebellious statement against the police atrocities meted out against the youth. I look upto people like Olivier Rizzo. He's not a designer but he's a stylist for Raf Simmons but he is a big part of my design influence.

Journospeak: Your first model looking like a young Ozzy. How would you describe your collection? 
Khai: I would describe my collection as being very androgynous. Very fluid. Something which can be worn by either men or women, and could be statement for the wearer. My line had a lot of free flowing silhouettes rather than being a structured silhouette. I paired dark punk eye make up on my models to compliment their outfit and further reflect my inspiration.

Journospeak: Is this your first time showing at KCFW? 
Khai : Yes, this is my first time at KCFW, and also by big runway debut. I have done pop up shows but as far as the runway experience is concerned, Kansas City is a first.

Journospeak: What is the average age of your clients? Whom do you design for? 
Khai : My average clients are in the age group of 16 to 40. I design for someone who wants to experiment with their look.

Journospeak: Your line was mostly monochromes. 
Khai : I believe monochromes always better reflect the contrasts. Even in my personal life, I do not wear much of color. SO its almost like a personal statement when i chose to use, blacks, greys and whites in my collection .

Journospeak: As a journalist, I face a Writer's Block at times. Do you face a Design Block ever? If so , how do you recharge your creative energies? 
Khai : It happens to me all the time. I go for mountain biking in the Yosemite area to recharge myself, to get design inspiration. It always helps me come up with better creative juices flowing.

Journospeak: What made you apply to Kansas City Fashion Week? 
Khai: I applied to Kansas City Fashion Week, as I felt that it would be a good experience for me. This was my first official runway show. I had thrown a pop up show but it was not a big thing. I felt as if there were not many kids coming out of Kansas City with my vision to be honest.

Journospeak: What do you feel makes you stand out as a designer? 
Khai: What I feel makes me stand out as a designer is my story telling. I think my collection has a story line with each piece as a collective. Me being able to apply my experiences in life to my collection and deliver it with emotion and to evoke emotion from other people.

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