Its almost Summer and that just means that its time to change up the hair color. Warm weather calls for the hair color to go a lot lighter. I had been planning to opt for my favorite almost Platinum Blonde Highlights for quite some time. So when I had an appointment with the Hair stylist, I asked her if we could also do a color job along with the standard trim I was scheduled for.

Amanda, being the darling she is, accommodated my current demand,and we began discussions on which route I would be taking down the Blonde road. 

I sent in some inspiration pictures and we decided to go as light as could be possible. Having naturally black hair, its difficult to go Platinum Blonde in one sitting. It is a long drawn and complicated process and no one wants to fry their hair by over processing it. I had existing honey blonde highlights.

So Amanda added in foils for Chunkier Highlights and take me as blonde as possible.I had done Chunkier Highlights before and I always prefer it to the normal highlights. It compliments my naturally textured hair very well. And is very Summer appropriate. 

The foils stayed in till the desired color had been achieved. 

Then it was time to TONE.Amanda washed my hair with Purple Shampoo which tones down the brassiness in blonde hair. It stays on the hair for around 5 to 10 minutes to create its magic. 

After the hair was washed, it was time for the hair cut. We decided to leave the side swept bangs longer. As for the actual Hair Cut, Amanda opted for layers which would make my hair look elongated rather than assume the appearance of a triangle. Curly or textured hair can often take the shape of the dreaded puffy triangle and trust me there is nothing flattering about it. So the layers are added in to create an illusion of length and take off the volume as much as possible

Styled and ironed straight. I was in love with my new hair.The best part of the hair cut and color is that it can be perfectly styled straight or curly and look great both ways. 

And its pairing perfectly well with the recent tan I am sporting. As I had existing honey blonde highlights, I currently have three colors in my hair. Black, Honey Blonde and almost Platinum Blonde. The three colors create extra dimension and make the look more chic and polished. 

So if you're in Kansas City and want to go in for a Summer special color or cut, fix up an appointment . Trust me the stylist's chair is almost therapeutic.

11708 WEST 95th STREET #102 

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