Deb's Culinary Expertise:

Which Bong does not like Shrimp/Prawn/Lobster/ Crawfish? Or Basically any member of the broad family we fondly call  Chingri Maachh. I guess only the unfortunate few, who are allergic to shellfish in general. For the rest of the huge spectrum of Bongs spread all across the green planet, Chingri maachhh in any variety is pretty pretty close to heart. We always do pick up a bag, wherever we shop, be it in Gariahat Fish Market, Patipukur Machher Bazar,in Kolkata, Market no 1 in C R park, New Delhi, the Chembur Fish Market, in Mumbai or even the local Bangladeshi store in KC. Chingri Maach is omnipresent in the shopping list.   Be it Malaikari(Prawn in Coconut Sauce), or a dash of chingri maachhh in Panch Meshali Torkari(Mixed Veg), we always love its addition in the menu, in any form.

It all started with a recent dinner in a local sea food eatery, to celebrate our Anniversary. The lady in the table next to ours had a delicious looking plate of 'bacon wrapped prawn', which somehow attracted Deb's attention, when we were contemplating on the order. He regaled me then with his last experience of dining on the shell fish dish, last summer, when I had been to India for a pretty long vacation. I had almost forgotten about the dish, when he surprised me this weekend, by churning out his variety of Bacon wrapped Prawn. Friday night had seen a share of arguments between the Dasgupta couple, a typical lover's tiff. And what better way to say sorry, than to whip up something nice in the kitchen. To compensate for the extra hours he spent at the tennis courts, when I was getting super bored at home, here was a plate of comfort food. A popular host of a show in Travel Channel, always says, " If it looks good, Eat It." And the plate full of succulent prawns, carefully wrapped in bacon and a slew of condiments, looked divine. I was floored. The extra hours at the tennis court were duly compensated for, with one of my all time favorites, Chingri Maachh, in a whole new avatar. Add to it the large keg of draught beer. Biwi Khush. Job done for Mr. Dasgupta.



Colossal Prawns( de veined and shelled): 8
Colby Jack Cheese cubes: 8
Creole Seasoning
Garlic Powder
Olive oil Spray
Butter Spray
Toothpicks: 8
Bacon: thick cut: 8
Lemon juice: 2 tbsp

Marinate the prawns in lemon juice, creole seasoning, salt, garlic powder for at least an hour.

Wrap bacon rashers around the marinated prawns, and fix with a toothpick. Add a cube of colby jack cheese over the wrapped prawns.

Spray the wrapped prawns first with olive oil and then with butter spray.

Bake in a  pre-heated oven at 300F for around for around 20 minutes.

Then broil the prawns in the oven for around 5-7 minutes.

Serve and simply start digging in.

Dont forget the beer to go with it. The combo does work wonders. So for anyone, who wants to say sorry, to their better halves, whip up Bacon Wrapped Prawns,and see the fight fade away into oblivion, as your partner forgets all about the tiff, in enjoying the crispy bacon, the molten cheese, all around the silken prawns. Bon Appetit.

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